Isn’t it? Rui Xi’s staring at Yuan Ye seems a little wronged.

Well, brother Ye told you that I didn’t give you these things because I love you and don’t want you to get hurt to accompany you. No, it’s not that I want to do whatever I want. Brother Ye is a patriarch, and Censen Xiaoqiang Zijing is still a million brothers. This responsibility makes me not my own.
I don’t understand. Rui Xi shook his head dully.
Yuan Ye smiled and held Rui Xi in his arms. I don’t understand you. You should know that Brother Ye will never, never love you. That’s enough.
Just then, with a warm smile, Yuan Ye’s face suddenly changed, and then she gently pushed Rui Xi from her arms. You should go back to your room first, little witch. It’s ok for them to stroll around the garden, but it’s also ok for Ye’s brother.
Oh, I know that Rui Xi is clever enough to ask Yuan Ye to say something. She never pesters Yuan Ye, that is, she doesn’t want Yuan Ye to leave. Rui Xi also knows that Yuan Ye is very busy.
Qingtan shanwai
A heavy impact came back to heaven and earth, and four mysterious people in purple robes were ling. Just now, a woman saw that the law of Qingtan Mountain was hit by her, but it didn’t destroy it. It was a slight shock, which made her not surprised.
Although this array has five attributes and a quasi-respect level, the disposal means are much higher than the general array master, that is, it takes a lot of time for the strongman to break the array, and the woman suddenly judges it.
This woman is the top ten points of the Shura Gate, namely, Chae Yeon’s five attributes, and the highest one for the Shura Gate’s array law repair, while the other three people are the top ten points of the Shura Gate, namely, the main 16 attributes, the Pengde five attributes, the peak heart, the five attributes and the primary attributes. After these four people, Xi Shengjie followed by 500,000 brothers, but they were extremely slow and had not arrived yet.
A face of indifference to Pender said indifferently, Elder Cai, I’ll destroy this law. I see a blue knife in Pender’s hand.
The Pender dagger saw several knife shadows flying towards the array, and each knife shadow contained amazing destructive power.
Several knife shadows are cut in succession, and the array vibrates earth-shattering, and the array dissipates gradually unreal.
Strong array If the general five-attribute array root can’t stand my blow, it just means blocking my blow. Let’s see if we can block a blow. Punder sneers at him at the corner of his mouth, but he has absolute confidence in six-attribute quasi-respect, six-attribute quasi-respect and five-attribute quasi-respect array.
Well, it’s enough for Elder Peng to destroy the peripheral array. Don’t accidentally walk into someone else’s array, or we won’t dare to save you.
I know that Pender’s pie-pie is really weird again. You said that Yuan Ye’s ability should be higher since he has a five-attribute level.
Hum, if you ask me, you don’t need an array at all. How many arrays are different? They are all cowards, but Xi Shengjie sneers.
Who are you attacking me? Yuan Ye, Emperor Tianzong of Science, suddenly, there is a trace of Shaqi on the other side of the law. When you see the four masters’ faces in front of you, you are the elders of the Shura Gate.
The four masters almost frowned.
Xi Shengjie had a cold drink. Yuan Ye, you insulted my Shura Gate again and again. Today, the four masters of Shura Gate were ordered to surround and kill you here. As far as we know, the strongest of you, Hao Tianzong, is only a two-attribute quasi-respect and a little girl who can shoot arrows. This strength is not my four-person opponent. Just be a coward, or it will be the killing day of my four masters.
I was ordered to round up and kill you. It’s hateful. It was only three days ago that I signed a non-aggression treaty with Tianzong, but even a three-year-old child would laugh at it. Is this a giant Sect? Yuan Ye’s face is instantly cold to the extreme
We broke the contract. It’s ridiculous that you killed me and talked about insulting me. Can we swallow the tone of Yuan Yexiu and Luo Man? If you don’t have more, then pray that the broken array will always protect you. When we think of ways to break the array, it will be the day when Hao Tianzong destroyed the Sect.
Yuan Yemei’s head is locked, and things seem to be complicated. What about the death of Qi Yuefu ‘ou when he left, but is it good that people intercepted in the middle and deliberately provoked two fights? However, Heaven Sect of Science does not seem to offend the third party.
Boom and boom suddenly interrupted Yuan Ye’s thoughts with another roar and vibration.
You bastards messed around before you figured it out. I’ve signed a contract with Qi Yuefu ‘ou. You’ve seen it. Yuan Ye took the contract from the ring and at the same time, a grudge enlarged the image.
Hum, who are you kidding? Qi Yue said it was clear that you killed Fu Ogen, but he didn’t talk about Ponte’s cold hum, but he attacked the large array even more with the earth.
Boom the first trapped kill array finally overwhelmed and collapsed.
At the same time, Yuan Ye’s face is cold to the extreme, and Jiyue is cheating.
Haha, I broke your small array of Heaven Sect of Science. Let you all hide behind that array of God. Oh, by the way, Heaven Sect of Science seems to have many brothers outside. I have sent millions of brothers to round up and kill them to ensure that none of them will live. Yuan Ye, you can watch Pengde’s face ferocious and walk directly into a trap, followed by kill array and Chae Yeon.
Want to kill my brother Yuan Ye’s eyes were instantly full of murder, and then he was replaced by a worry. Censen Xu Zijing was thinking about Yuan Ye’s hands outside, and now he has a gun array. He has five attributes and quasi-respect power.
Zhang Baiqi is here.
With Yuan Ye’s binge drinking, the four masters of Heaven Sect of Science came to Yuan Ye in an instant, while Long Feng Li Mu protected Censen Xu Zijing from Heaven Sect of Science respectively.
See Zhang leitian that terrible breath shura door four master face all solemn and respectful.
Isn’t Heaven Sect of Science the strongest with dual attributes? What’s going on? Chae Yeon frowned and underestimated that it was Shura’s master who didn’t know that Heaven Sect of Science had already undergone earth-shaking changes after Yuan Yelai came.