I’ve been forced not to want to kill this little one, but don’t worry. Soon a Song family will accompany you. Four elders said hazily that they didn’t put Song Yun in their hearts.

Do you need to worry about the fact that a martial arts master is one week younger? The three of them are all masters who entered the martial arts territory early. Although they are all martial arts masters, the martial arts master is one week, and the martial arts master is also different. What’s more, they are three people.
The Wangs moved the strength of the three of them, but they were fragile in front of the real martial artist. The three martial artists also respected Song Yun, but was that Song Yun or just broke through to the martial artist’s territory?
Do you know that you have done a stupid thing? You should never threaten me with a woman. I am actually very easy to get along with, but this time I am really angry. Song Yungen muttered instead of surrounding himself with three martial arts masters.
If you are angry, what can you do if you are angry? You have just broken through the territory of the martial arts division. Can you fight against the three of us? I’m afraid even running away is an idiotic dream. The four elders don’t laugh at this situation. He doesn’t believe in Song Yun or anything.
The four elders said that it is true that all three of them are a martial artist, and they are all dealing with a man who has just broken through the territory of the martial artist. Even Song Yun can’t escape at this time, but it will take Song Yun to be a martial artist.
Suddenly, a strong breath broke out from Song Yunshen, and Song Yun’s figure flashed to the four elders. The Wangs’ three elders didn’t react quickly.
Leishi fist blows everywhere. This fist contains the anger of Song Yun, which is full of sharp dangers. The four elders froze. It’s not that he didn’t want to give up, but that Song Yun was too fast. Moreover, the four elders felt incomparable power in Song Yun’s fist, far exceeding his power.
Ah, a scream broke the tranquility and fury of the barren hills, and the four elders swept away with one punch and fell to the ground. The four elders’ eyes widened and they died with horror.
Samsung, the second elder of the martial arts division, shook his eyes with incredible eyes. No one thought that Song Yun’s strength had broken through to Samsung, the martial arts division. If he knew this, he wouldn’t dare to start work on Song Yun even if he gave him a bold day, but it’s too late to say anything now.
The second elder fled and turned around and fled. The Samsung strength of the martial arts master is not that the martial arts master can match one star. Don’t say three people, even if it is twice as much, it will not be enough for Song Yun to kill.
Can you escape? Song Yun’s face is full of ridicule. As soon as he turned, he chased the Wangsan Elder Martial Arts, Samsung Martial Arts. The one-star gap is huge. It is not difficult to chase the three elders.
Ah, in the face of Song Yun, it’s almost a force to recruit the three elders of Leishi Boxing. Even if it’s hard, it can’t withstand the worse, and it will frighten them. At this time, there is no fighting spirit. This boxing will directly destroy the three elders.
We, the Wangs, will not let you go. Wait, even if you have broken through to the three stars of the Martial Arts Division, we will be able to slay you with the four-star strength of the Martial Arts Division, knowing that you can’t escape from your roots. Your face is full of madness.
Oh, is the four-star warrior great? Soon you Wangs will accompany you. Song Yun said with an expression, "Go straight to the chest of the Second Elder."
Then die together. The two elders are crazy about Song Yun’s move. Don’t flash, don’t avoid it. With Song Yun’s move, he hits himself. At the same time, he holds Song Yun firmly in his hand with both hands. His vitality is violent in the second elders’ body. A dangerous and powerful breath fills the second elders’ body.
It’s just a tree. Song Yun disdains to smile. His hands shake and the body of the elder is thrown high.
I don’t want to know how your strength improved so quickly. I should have killed you at all costs when I first met you. I struggled to sit up, but my eyes were full of unwillingness, but in the end I could die with unwillingness.
Just now, the two elders wanted to die. After being defeated by Song Yun, the tendons were broken, but it was impossible to live for so long. The two elders were very unwilling to die. Even if he was going to try his best, he could not resist Song Yun.
It’s okay. It’s okay. Hold Song Rong Er in your arms. Song Yun patted Song Ronger on the back to comfort him.
Song Ronger’s tearful face is both happy and uneasy. Just now, I saw Song Yunxian and Song Rong Er’s heart hanging in the air, and then I saw Song Yun’s strong killing of the Wangs’ three elders, Song Rong Er, to rest assured.
Rong Er We went home and Song Yun picked up Song Ronger and said softly, only to find that Song Ronger had passed out.
On this day, Song Rong Er suffered. Worry, fright and anxiety overwhelmed Song Rong Er. Finally, he fell into a coma. Looking at Song Ronger’s haggard face, Song Yun’s eyes were full of gentle steps to the Song family. Chapter 27 Wang Qi
Chapter 27 Wang Qi Peng What do you say again that the white jade porcelain cup in your hand fell to the ground and the elder still didn’t know that his face was full of disbelief and looked up and said
Report to the Elder that the bodies of three elders were found kneeling on the ground in the barren hills of Lei Yun Mountains. The man was sweating profusely at this time, and it was very difficult to finish this sentence.
You go to the elder first, sit in a chair and have a pair of eyes for a long time before you say that the man kneeling on the ground has been granted Amnesty and hurried away. How is it possible that the elder sounds faintly behind this room? How is it possible that he is even more afraid to stay and hurry away from this room?
Song family, I must make you pay the price. The elder was heartbroken when he heard the news. There was a biting chill in his eyes and he gnashed his teeth.
At this time, Song Yun rubbed his nose and sneezed. At this time, Song Yun practiced in the back of the Song family. Great changes have taken place since a purple bead swallowed up a large number of yuan crystals. Song Yun didn’t get a new thunder robbery, and even the body repair rose to the martial arts division.
Since then, Violet Bead has recovered its strange appearance for no reason, but Song Yun did not dare to underestimate this purple pearl. Song Yun muttered that this pearl is not simple, but it should take a lot of yuan crystals to make it erupt again.
Violet beads remained unchanged in Song Yun’s hands until Violet beads absorbed a lot of meta crystals. According to Song Yun’s guess, this change is definitely not meta crystals, and it seems that this change is good for Song Yun at present.
This change of Purple Lei Zhu directly promoted Song Yunxiu from a one-star to a three-star martial artist, which was a huge leap. If Song Yunji had practiced hard, it would have been impossible for Song Yunxiu to have such a practice in two or three years.
Strength rise is the second key for Song Yun. This change makes Song Yu see the limit. In the future, according to Song Yun’s estimation, this time Wu Yun changed from the middle level of yellow to the high level of yellow.
If you suck a lot of crystal violet beads, will it change from yellow level to Xuan level? Thought of here, Song Yun’s heart can’t help becoming hotter than the hot Xuan level. Yellow level is two concepts. If the yellow level is worth one hundred silver coins, the price of the Xuan level will be one thousand times that of the yellow level, and it is still a market price.
Wu Jie’s practice has become complicated, but the speed of practice has risen a lot, and even Song Yun’s vitality has risen to a higher level. In the form, Song Yunshen’s strength has risen a lot
This is the importance of robbing the mainland by force, but it is impossible for anyone who wants to achieve something better. If he has been practicing the yellow level and breaking through the martial arts, it is almost the limit, but it is very rare to be held by powerful forces. It is an idiotic dream for sects like Song Yun to get advanced differences, but in Zileizhu Song Yun, he saw good hope.
The strength has suddenly risen so much, but it’s really familiar to get used to it slowly when necessary. Now it’s only through physical strength that you can master this strength skillfully, otherwise it’s futile for the Samsung strength of the martial arts master not to play.
Compared with the practice of Wushu, Leishi Boxing is also very rare. It is said that since Song Yun came to this world, the practice of Leishi Boxing is the same now.
Leishi Boxing, with one punch and quick vitality, carefully experienced those new acupuncture points and channels that were brought into circulation in both fists. This boxing strength reached the three-star level of Wushu master.
Compared with this world, Wu Song Yun’s advantage lies in his past two hundred years’ cultivation experience. Although the cultivation methods have been completely different, he has a great advantage in understanding Wushu in different ways.
At this time, the Wangs were overcast, and the Wangs’ three elders ambushed Song Yujie. Song Yun killed the Wangs’ three elders’ department alone. Although the news was blocked by the elders, the news was gradually in the Wangs.
Now the Wangs are in a panic, as if the sky is falling, and the elder is even when he is sad. Although his heart is full of profound hatred, Wisdom tells the elder that he has no revenge now.