People in the house are blindsided.

After a long silence, Du Yuesheng asked Lin Guisheng for advice. Jenny, do you think it’s right for Uncle Zhang to leave for Hangzhou immediately and meet Lu Yongxiang directly to plead with him? I’ll also rush to Fenglin to stabilize him first. You should raise a sum of cash at home quickly and take care of Gu Jiatang urgently to prevent people from taking advantage of the fish in troubled waters.
Lin Guisheng looked at Du Yuesheng almost gratefully, feeling that he didn’t look at the wrong person at the beginning, and he felt that everything was over. Just do what you say, and your master will be entrusted to you.
Chapter 8 Facing Du Yuesheng, he was grateful.
Chapter 8 Facing Du Yuesheng, he is grateful for tears.
Du Yuesheng is glad that Lin Guisheng is a woman, and women will always be shrouded in the light of men. Du Yuesheng defeated Huang Jinrong and recruited Lin Guisheng.
Du Yuesheng can see the godfather’s golden chair waiting for him not far ahead.
He was elated.
On the way back to the mansion, Du Yuesheng was nervously contemplating the next steps. Zhang Xiaolin had left the sea. According to Du Yuesheng’s estimation, there would be no knot in Zhang Xiaolin’s trip to Lu Yongxiang this time. He also asked Gu Jiatang to prepare for the incident so that Huang Jinrong’s kidnapping would not cause too much confusion. Now Haidu is staring at his every move with bated breath. When he finally gets to the front desk, Du Yuesheng must play tricks in front of the audience and let everyone see who is the most capable in the sea.
The first thing he should do is to visit Fenglin.
Longhua fenglin headquarters
The secret hurried in and whispered a few words in Fenglin’s ear on the smoky couch. Fenglin sat up from the smoky couch as soon as he turned over. Du Yuesheng went to the headquarters alone and waited for him in his living room.
Huang Jinrong is now in the mansion dungeon. From the time when Huang Jinrong was arrested, Fenglin knew that the Huang family would find their own head. It was unexpected that it would come so soon. What surprised Fenglin was that Du Yuesheng did not come alone with a single soldier.
He had to admire Du Yuesheng’s courage.
Fenglin entered the living room and sat on the sofa. Du Yuesheng quickly got up and smiled and repeatedly handed him over.
General, I’ve heard a lot about you. The general is busy. Du Mou has been inconvenient to disturb him until today. I’m really afraid that I’ll offend you and hope General Haihan.
Mr. Du is polite to a certain martial artist. He is a local leader who bothers him more on weekdays. Although Fenglin, a member of Sanxin Company, has passed through Zhang Xiaolin and has not met each other for several times, Fenglin doesn’t know much about Du Yuesheng people after all.
General, I don’t want to tell you the truth. Du Mou came here to ask for help. General Yu Chengqi.
Fenglin certainly knows what Du Yuesheng wants to say, and the two of them don’t just pick around, so Fenglin smiled faintly at Du Yuesheng. Mr. Du must be the boss Huang. Come on.
Du Yuesheng didn’t expect Fenglin to be so happy and immediately catch the woman. Since the general understands Du Mou’s purpose, he must do something convenient for his brothers. Du Mou will try his best and Du Mou will never refuse.
It’s hard to say that boss Huang has sinned against a talent. This temper is hard for this person to get away without nodding.
The general said it was Lu Gong, but it was a misunderstanding. After that, Boss Huang was very angry and severely taught those little brothers. Unexpectedly, Lu Gong was young and energetic, and the misunderstanding between the two sides deepened. This is really a great pity that General Du Mou came here to transfer my meaning to Lu Gong, the governor of Chen Lu, and the general mediated on his behalf.
Fenglin didn’t want Huang Jinrong and Du Yuesheng to fall out with these local strongmen, and he had benefited a lot from Sanxin Company. But this time, Huang Jinrong greatly offended Lu Xiaojia and went to Lu Yongxiang, where Lu Yongxiang made it difficult for himself to bite Lu Xiaojia. So now that Du Yuesheng arrived at Lu Xiaojia, Fenglin couldn’t wait to free himself.
Mr. Du is right. This time, Mr. Huang has gone too far. I have nothing to say to Lu, but I will let Feng Lin go immediately.
Du Yuesheng also knows that it is necessary for the better to release Lu Xiaojia from Huang Jinrong.
Fenglin winked at the confidential secret and nodded to the confidential secret. Soon after, the door behind Du Yuesheng was pushed from the inside. A young man with gauze wrapped in his head came to infer from Fenglin’s reaction that this person must be Lu Xiaojia. Looking at Lu Xiaojia’s gauze, Du Yuesheng knew that Huang Jinrong was in big trouble
Du Yuesheng leaned forward and leaned down to ask me to introduce each other, but he stopped him with his hand.
Mr. Du, stop it. Let me ask you something. Mr. Huang has made me Lu Xiaojia like this. You have to give me an explanation.
Duke Lu, I have just paid tribute to the general again and again. This is all a misunderstanding. Should Duke Lu care about Boss Huang for a moment?
It’s not like it’s too bossy to raise your hand and hit someone after drinking a sentence of color. Hit me, Lu Xiaojia. I can catch jute skin and starve him for three days. What if I hit someone else? I don’t want to do it this time. I just want to protect the soil and water from the sea, except this hemp skin overlord
Lu Xiaojia became more and more angry. If Huang Jinrong was present, he might be able to peel that piece of hemp skin to Du Yuesheng while listening to it. Obviously, Huang Jinrong is now in the hands of the one he can’t offend the most. It won’t be surprising that Lu Gong, who has been spoiled since childhood, does anything, and all this trouble is because of a woman who plays opera.
When I think of Lu Lanchun, Du Yuesheng can’t help but feel a dull pain. This pain is different from what he felt when he lost A Gui. It is a kind of pain that is difficult to find after a certain part of his life has been separated and abandoned. At this moment, Du Yuesheng’s heartache is entangled in a kind of desire. Du Yuesheng has experienced this feeling twice today. This is the second time. For the first time, Du Yuesheng was amazed at the young and beautiful lady Li Yuanhong when Li Yuanhong was forced to cross the sea. Du Yuesheng really realized what a man’s most successful life should be embodied by the most beautiful woman.
Lu Lanchun made him feel this way for the second time, but Huang Jinrong beat him to it.
Now it’s Lu Lanchun who let his prestige Huang Jinrong capsize, and Du Yuesheng is a little pleased with Huang Jinrong’s fall, but Lu Xiaojia is once again reminding him of Lu Lanchun’s value.
At this moment, Du Yuesheng decided that he must occupy Lu Lanchun, the charming woman who made Huang Jinrong pay a huge price. This was his most effective victory over Huang Jinrong. After feeling that he would inherit the coveted crazy godfather throne, Du Yuesheng would spare no effort to crack down on the old godfather and make him pay the price for himself for many years. Du Yuesheng would smile and lead this self-proclaimed master to bear all kinds of blows over and over again, making him feel lost in power and despair.
He wants to save Huang Jinrong from Lu Xiaojia to give Huang Jinrong a chance to taste failure carefully.
Du Yuesheng regained his composure and smiled at the angry Lu Xiaojia.
Lu Gong’s resentment is that Boss Huang hurt your face, but now Haidu knows that Huang Jinrong has been planted in Lu Gong’s foot, and this face has been greatly earned back. Is it unnecessary for a fool Lu Gong to play a drama? Isn’t it true that Boss Huang has lost his identity? You should not be confused about this little thing?
Mr. Du, do you mean that I’m Lu Xiaojia’s magnanimous? I don’t care that I’m so magnanimous. Others say nothing, but you can rest assured that jute skin will suffer a little in my place, but there will never be any surprises. I will definitely put this thing in my place and I’m afraid it will get dirty. But I still have three conditions.
Du Yuesheng waited quietly and silently for Lu Xiaojia to go on.
First, Huang Jinrong is going to put up a notice of repentance in Shanghai. On the second day, a group of thugs will knock their heads three times in front of the mansion. Third, Lu Lanchun will be asked to come to the mansion and sing for me alone for three days.
These three conditions even sound unreasonable to Fenglin.
Du Yuesheng or that four-two-one-kilo unhurried look at Lu Xiaojia and shook his head gently. Lu Gong, you really embarrassed Du Mouren. The boss Huang is in a thousand ways at the beach. After all, after decades, every aspect of the foundation has been damaged, and Lu Gong has to let him fall in the sea. This big fall is really difficult. I’m afraid it’s not convenient for the general to shock changes.
Words said fenglin nodded.
Second, a group of people are all on the beach, so it’s a crime to make them kowtow in front of the mansion, or that sentence is afraid of bringing about changes. At that time, although the mansion is heavily guarded, there will be a thousand mistakes. Your brothers in the village are interested in it. Lu Gong is white, but Du Mou is not here to rap. Third, Lu Gong, the famous flower owner of Lu Lanchun, will force her. I’m really afraid of damaging the public name.
Lu Xiaojia obviously calmed down a lot.
Du Yuesheng took advantage of the situation and said his own way. First, the boss Huang’s banquet for Lu Gong was a public shock. Huang Jinrong toasted Lu Xiaojia for three cups. Second, the brothers committed crimes to Lu Gong face to face before the banquet. Third, I was responsible for giving Xiao Mulan, the number one in Daoxiang Building, to Lu Gong to temporarily relieve his loneliness.