Zhang Jun shook his head. He said, I don’t know the details. I will do it in various ways. Don’t worry. The mother and son chatted for a while before they went to sleep.
The next day, when they came to Yi, the hall was full again. Everyone was looking forward to the arrival of the big oil pan in China. It was really eye-catching. Yang Jiahui said softly and then took Zhang Jun away
Hehe, people are really neat today. Even Wang Junlai, who never meets, sits there honestly.
Wang Ge hasn’t come for a long time. Zhang Jun asked
Hehe, the unit can’t come to Wang Jun often after a lot of things recently, so I looked at them and said that you are leaving today.
for a while
Fang Xia said after bidding
At 9: 20 in the afternoon, China Big Oil bid, and everyone in the room sat in their chairs and looked at the changing numbers. People quietly looked at the bidding knot and waited for the last hammer to drop.
In 48 yuan’s big room, there was an exclamation, and the final bidding was over. Now 48 yuan 4848 is dead and dead. Master didn’t sigh and said that no one could understand the vernacular.
Selling Yang Jiahui gave the order.
Zhang Jun looked at his account in an instant. Hehe, he actually earned 90,000 yuan from three shares. It’s a big pie. You didn’t earn less. Zhang Jun said sadly, Yang Jiahui said.
Look at Yang Jiahui, turning his body back. Zhang Jun leaned over and looked carefully to meet. It was clearly written that the price of selling 5 shares was 4,788 yuan and 150,000 yuan. Zhang Jun shouted in his heart.
I transferred some funds and then took some from Yang Jiahui. He said that Zhang Jun came here, which is what he meant. He smiled and said that I transferred without leaving him a penny. Then I transferred all my own funds. This time, I was alone in the account with 5 shares of Zhongtian Technology.
We should go, Zhang Jun said.
Wang Junlai seems to have finished it over there. Yi got up and said, I’ll send you away and I’ll go back.
When they passed the hall, the three of them left. They found that although the market was high, it was slowly falling. Many stocks had turned from red to green because of the influence of a China oil, a super-large-cap stock. They couldn’t help but distract people’s attention. They watched it in the hall for a while and Wang Junlai suddenly said, did you see it? I think it was hard to sell a highest-priced stock critic to 8 yuan.
Their speech was heard by a group of people in front of them, and they looked at it with disdain as if they were looking at something else. The three people pretended not to see it and turned away.
Many people are buying big oil, and this stock will reach 5 in a day. If you don’t believe it, just wait and see.
I bought it, too
Three people didn’t feel funny when they heard the round behind them, but they ignored them and went on.
It’s cloudy and cold outside, and three people don’t feel a shiver. Wang Jun came back and said that it’s very hot in Shenzhen. It’s simply two solar terms here
Uh-huh. By the way, when will Sister Fang give birth to Yang Jiahui?
Around March and April, 2008.
When the van was driving all the way, it was not long before it came to Wang Jun outside the Yang Jiahui community. How about I send you to the provincial capital?
No, we’ll take a long distance. It’s okay for you to go, Yang Jiahui said
Well, goodbye. Remember to talk to Wang Junlai and wave. Let’s leave and hurry.
Before noon, they arrived at the provincial capital airport. After passing the security check, they sat in the waiting room and waited quietly. After all, it was more than two hours.
It’s not very slow in the waiting room. The benches are tilted by the tourists, playing with their mobile phones, and several people are talking about the stock market. They are very sensitive to this topic. Look along the sound and see three middle-aged people behind them talking about it.
Just now, I took a look at the oil in China, which is really awesome, said a man with glasses.
It’s 48 yuan. It’s a slightly fat voice.
Another person said that it is not worth it to me.
They just looked and talked as a middle-aged woman. She was wearing a high-grade cashmere coat, and the most conspicuous thing was the jewel necklace on her chest. The necklace flashed and the woman went on to say that I couldn’t read this stock market well, and it was too big.
It’s called value investment, you’re right, said the glasses man
Hehe, the woman didn’t continue to explain. Another person said, I heard experts say that this China oil will break through 8 yuan in the near future, because his industry has a monopoly position, which is worth it. The man said with a smug face.
Zhang Jun wants to listen and see Yang Jiahui lying on the bench lazily. Her head is still stuck in his arms and she says, "Stop listening."
Hehe, Zhang Jun just turned his head. He gently stroked her face. The slippery and tender feeling made him forget the unseemly things. Yang Jiahui smiled. He stroked them on his face and quietly waited for the boarding time.
Section 1 Prepare to sit on the throne
Section 1 Prepare to sit on the throne
The longer you wait, the slower you wait. It’s hard to get to the boarding time. They follow people to board the plane. It’s the first time for Zhang Jun to fly. He looks very fresh. They sit side by side in the armchair. When Yang Jiahui sees that he is a layman, he personally puts a protective cover on him and then sets them up. Only then can he wait quietly for takeoff.
The plane finally moved. Zhang Jun looked at the scenery outside the window. He found that the trees and houses outside the runway were accelerating and moving backwards. One height was followed by another. He climbed the plane several times in a row and finally rushed into the blue sky. White clouds were in his eyes. The feeling of soaring clouds was like a fairy. He had some fears just now. He has forgotten now, and then he was curious and excited.
Hey, what do you think the plane is so secure? Zhang Jun asked quietly. Yang Jiahui looked at him and she chuckled. She didn’t say anything. Hey, how long does it take to trade this time? Is it strict? Zhang Jun then asked.
Yang Jiahui turned around and looked around before she wrote a novel. When I was a kid, I would speculate in foreign exchange later, and later in my junior year, I traded stocks at her house, that is, during the winter and summer vacations.
Oh, so he dares if he doesn’t know you? Zhang Jun still doesn’t understand.