It’s 45 o’clock now, which means it’s going down a little bit. Oh, my God, I’m going to work in Laohou Company.

Speaking of Lao Hou Zhangjun, he asked Cao Dage if Hou Ge’s company was set up.
You went to see the old school this afternoon.
Yang Jiahui suddenly remembered one thing and she asked.
Section 19 Ghost Quotes
Yang Jiahui has been thinking about the participation in the tourism company. Her words caused everyone to burst into laughter. The master laughed and said that it was not too late to remember that Hou Yaozong had done business.
Hum, who? I wanted to participate in the stock market, but he quit. I hate Yang Jiahui. After that, I huffed and stopped talking on the sofa.
Ok, ok, if you don’t participate, you won’t participate. Fang Xia persuaded.
Sitting there, Zhang Jun is also a little unhappy in his heart. He also feels that Lao Hou has done something inappropriate. Now that he has promised everyone that things will change, maybe there is a cause. After the opportunity to ask, he will know that he also persuaded him not to participate. It is not bad for that piece.
Yang Jiahui glanced at him and then stopped complaining. She turned to look at the market and said that the ghost market was getting more and more annoying.
The master pushed his glasses and said that he had adjusted the reserve today. This is the tenth time this year to adjust the reserve and raise interest rates, which is 13 gold medals, hehe.
It’s not much meaning to adjust the reserve today, so it’s estimated that we can rebound in a few days and find an opportunity to do it again and again. It’s also an escape market for Yang Jiahui to go on talking and doing it.
Today, the stock index is like a ghost in the night. She comes and goes, and everything is unknown, but the horror is left. The stock index is a low and then it falls slowly. This kind of falling method is the most uncomfortable. The stock price has fallen slowly for a penny. Just now, it was a red market, but now it is a dark green market. More people are waiting for a rebound and a big profit. Now it is actually a paralyzing market, but most people don’t know it.
Yang Jiahui sat uncomfortable. She leaned against Fang Xia and said that Fang Jie had nothing to do. We strolled down the street.
A za a pair Fang Xia looked at one side Zhang Jun.
Let’s take a stroll
Yang Jiahui this time increased the tone Fang Xia smiled and then pulled her up and said, then let’s stroll.
In fact, Yang Jiahui has always felt some headaches recently. She wanted to go to the hospital to see Fang Xia. When she came to Yizhong, she remembered Fang Xia’s idea of going together.
Fang Xia asked Jiahui how she remembered to go for a walk when two people walked from Yizhong.
I always feel some headaches and I don’t know what’s wrong.
Then go to the hospital and watch me do B-ultrasound, too.
When two people were chatting while walking, they didn’t come to the city hospital. This is the largest and top three hospital in Liaoying City. Two people hung up the number and came to the relative department. Fang Xiaxian accompanied Yang Jiahui to a clinic and saw a middle-aged woman doctor sitting in the room. Yang Jiahui handed the registration form to the doctor and said, I always feel a headache recently and I don’t know what’s going on.
The doctor looked at her and then did asking for the moon often?
How was your sleep?
Usually always dreaming.
The doctor looked at the fundus and tongue coating carefully again. It seems that you are ill. Once the doctor said that the two women looked at each other, it was hard to say what it meant to stare at the doctor. The doctor thought about it and finally wrote in the prescription that there was nothing to do, such as oryzanol acetaminophen tablets. Just take the medicine for a few days, and pay attention to rest. The doctor said.
After two people said thank you, they came to obstetrics and gynecology. Fang Xia was in good health and the fetus was very common. They just walked from the hospital. After two people visited the market, Fang Xia was in a hurry to pick up her daughter Yang Jiahui and returned to Yi alone.
Although it is heated in Yili, it seems a little cold in the large room because there are not many people. Yang Jiahui turned around in the hall. She found that many people were knitting sweaters or playing poker in the chair. There were few people who were really watching the market. After watching a circle, she went upstairs and pushed the door to see a few people chatting on the sofa, which was also very boring.
Why didn’t Fang Xia come back? Wang Yi looked up and asked
She went to pick up her daughter.
Yang Jiahui looked at it in front of a computer if it happened. Wait for a rebound, she said, and sat on the sofa again. She looked at this and that and asked you what you thought.
Nothing, just looking at the market, I was bored. My master pushed his glasses and then gently said something about the stock market risk.
Zhang Jun sat in a chair and looked at the market. He silently thought that the stock market is indeed risky, but who can stop it in the interest drive? In the first few days, there were long queues to buy funds. People don’t know how they feel now.
I went to the building for a stroll. Zhang Jun told Yang Jiahui that he went alone. He still came to the bench in the back of the hall. At this time, there was no noise in the hall. More sighing people gathered together and looked at the monitor market. Suddenly, a familiar figure shook in front. Isn’t that fat sister Wang? Zhang Jun was curious.
Seeing that Sister Wang has lost her vitality in the past, she quietly watched the disk change as motionless as a mud tire. In the past, she loved to talk and laugh. Today, she was particularly quiet. Zhang Jun looked forward for a while and saw that the stock index was still calm and slowly sinking. In the hall, people seemed to have lost their minds and didn’t know whether to buy or sell.