Xiao all the members were separated from each other for patrol alert, but Uchiha Itachi didn’t go to patrol alert everywhere, but walked towards the back hill. After he came to a cave in the back hill, the skunk stopped at the mouth of the cave and said, "I know you’re in there. Come out and meet me. I have something to ask you."

At this time, Teddy boy came out of the cave and met the skunk. He said, "Why don’t you come to me to help with the Kowloon seal ceremony?"
The ferret said lightly, "I came here to ask you something."
Teddy boy wondered, "Oh, what do you want to ask me?"
"Who are you?" said the ferret. You are not the so-called uchiha madara. "
Teddy boy laughed. "I’m not uchiha madara, but I am uchiha madara. Your question is so strange."
The ferret replied, "No, you’re not uchiha madara. uchiha madara is dead. You’re Kakashi’s companion in Uchiha Obito. Although I’m a few years younger than Kakashi, I still know his deeds very well. After all, he was what my captain did when I first joined the secret department. I still know who wrapped Kakashi after he became tolerant. The Watergate class was led by Namikaze Minato, who was still enduring four generations of Huo Ying at that time. At that time, besides the four generations of Huo Ying and Kakashi, there was another one in the Watergate class, namely Yuan Ye Lin and you Uchiha Obito. Am I right?"
Teddy boy knew that he couldn’t hide from the ferret when he heard the resolute tone of the ferret. Before hearing the ferret, Kakashi Teddy boy was lost in memories for a long time before he worried about his account. "Kakashi really hasn’t heard this annoying name for a long time. I’m sorry, I almost forgot him. Yes, I’m Uchiha Obito, but now I’m nobody. I’m curious about how you know that I’m not uchiha madara. I don’t seem to have a flaw. Even Payne is a ferret in uchiha madara. You will see through that I’m not uchiha madara. I’m really curious
The ferret replied, "It’s very simple. This time, I met Kakashi and Kakashi when I was ordered to go to Muye to investigate Kyubi no Youko’s Naruto Uzumaki intelligence. They had some unpleasant fights. When Kakashi and I fought, Kakashi actually evolved sharingan into a kaleidoscope sharingan, which made me wonder. It is reasonable to say that Kakashi is not a Uchibo family. How can he open the kaleidoscope sharingan? But he opened it. It can be said that Kakashi was already a kaleidoscope sharingan when he got the eyes. But how Kakashi sharingan came to the village and Uchibo’s family has a record. It was a gift and a relic from his good friend, and the eyes were just opened. sharingan is not a kaleidoscope sharingan. "
"But even so, it doesn’t mean that I am Uchiha Obito."
The skunk replied, "You can’t prove it, but you have overlooked three points. With these three points as support, I can know for sure that you are Uchiha Obito."
Asked coldly, "Oh, I ignored those three points to let you know that I am Uchiha Obito."
The ferret laughed. "The first point is that Kakashi kaleidoscope sharingan, since he is not a Uchihiro clan, even if he gets sharingan, it is impossible to evolve into kaleidoscope sharingan. So he can tell Kakashi sharingan that the man is not dead and has opened the kaleidoscope sharingan, but the conditions for opening the kaleidoscope sharingan are no longer known to you. I want you to open the kaleidoscope. sharingan people are Yuan Ye Lin. In the family history, Uchihiro has always been an orphan and has no relatives. The only friend is. Kakashi’s only lover is Yuan Ye Lin, and the most respectful person is the four generations of Huo Ying, that is, your teacher Namikaze Minato. I have concluded that your kaleidoscope sharingan is Yuan Ye Lin’s death. Open it because Kakashi has your eyes. Whether Yuan Ye Lin is killed by you or Kakashi will make you open the kaleidoscope sharingan. "
When I heard this, I suddenly ran away and roared, "That’s Kakashi who can’t even protect Lin. He is so excellent and so talented. In our generation, he is the arrogant and beloved son of heaven. He has always been my target. Do you know? When I’m dying, I’m most worried about Kakashi and Lin. I love Lin, and Kakashi is also my best friend. I gave my sharingan to Kakashi in the hope that he can take my place to protect Lin. I believe that after Kakashi has my sharingan, he can protect Lin even after he gets my strength. But I didn’t expect that Lin would die in Kakashi’s hands. Do you know what color the world is when Lin dies? The world is red and full of blood, so I know that the world is full of darkness. "
The ferret didn’t expect him to let Tui almost run away with a word, and finally confirmed that this self-proclaimed uchiha madara man is indeed Uchiha Obito. There is no talent in that family record. Uchiha Obito Tui has been venting his anger and hatred for many years. The ferret has been watching him carefully. It is very clear that if Tui runs away out of control, his strength may really be defeated by him. It is so strange that it is impossible to prevent.
I came here for a long time before I calmed down and said, "Sorry, it’s a little out of control. If I think of Kakashi and Lin, I’ll be so right. I’m sorry for interrupting you. I didn’t mean the first point, so let’s talk about the second point. I really want to know what details I missed for you to notice."
The ferret nodded his head. "The second point is that since Uchiha Obito is not dead, why will he not return to Konoha because Uchiha Obito’s dream is to become a fire shadow? Since he is not dead, why will he not return to Konoha to continue his dream? According to the first inference, you can guess that Uchiha Obito is no longer the former Uchiha Obito at this time. Now Uchiha Obito doesn’t want to become a fire shadow or is no longer associated with Konoha. He is still very hostile to Konoha. In that case, I have to lock the people who are hostile to Konoha or who are not in Konoha. The scope will be greatly reduced. "
Tui nodded and said, "This can indeed reduce the search scope a lot, but it is not enough for you to conclude that I am Uchiha Obito. So the key should be at the third point, right?" Although it is a question, the rustic tone is very positive.
The skunk also nodded and replied, "If it weren’t for this third point, I wouldn’t be so sure that you are Uchiha Obito so quickly. Thanks to Kakashi’s kaleidoscope sharingan, I can find you who has been hiding behind me so quickly because of those eyes."
At this time, Tui finally knew why the skunk could find him so quickly. Tui Nai sighed, "Kakashi, I really want to kill you, a capable guy. You determined that I am Uchiha Obito according to the pictures and texts of Kakashi’s eyes. It was really a big negligence. I forgot that every kaleidoscope, sharingan, pictures and texts are different. Even my brothers can’t be the same. You can know that I am Uchiha Obito’s skunk if you see Kakashi’s kaleidoscope. I have to admire your IQ. It’s too high, but you know my true identity is for you.
When the ferret heard the dialect, he immediately became wary and said, "I was sure that I would be in danger when I came, but I didn’t think you could kill me."
Tui nodded and replied, "Well, I don’t think I can kill you for the time being, and I’m sure this is your busy place, but I have a way to make you never get out." Then Tui rushed at the ferret.
When the ferret saw Tui coming at him, he immediately printed "Fire Dun Howe Fireball Technique". A huge fireball attacked Tui, but Tui continued to rush at Tui like an innocent person. Howe fireball passed through Tui’s body, but it didn’t do any harm to Tui. Tui smiled, "You can’t hurt me without a ferret."
I thought, "The ferret still won," but at this moment, the ferret’s eyes turned into a kaleidoscope. sharingan stared at the ferret with his left eye open. When the ferret turned into a kaleidoscope, sharingan quickly turned his head to one side and didn’t look at the ferret’s eyes, but as soon as the ferret turned his head to one side, it was right with the crow’s eyes, and the crow’s eyes were still a kaleidoscope. sharingan suddenly got a fright.
Seeing the sharp light in his eyes, he suddenly felt that there was a very overbearing pupil force that wanted to modify his thoughts. He quickly confronted this pupil force. At this moment, the ferret suddenly flashed in front of the soil. Harle felt that the pupil force of the ferret was instantaneous and the crow’s eye pupil force suddenly felt that his pupil force was a little untenable. Surprised, "You are not a busy person. You are a body ferret. I didn’t expect you to fool everyone."
The ferret laughed. "Of course it’s me. I’m not a doppelganger. Since I decided to solve you, it’s possible for me to come to a doppelganger. Since I entered the rain country, I’ve been divided into a doppelganger and the purpose is to solve you, the most dangerous person for Konoha."
Chapter one hundred Blood mildew Jiraiya.
"What a horrible man! I didn’t expect you to keep this skill. The pupillary technique is really special. I want to rewrite my thoughts and memories. This ability is really fate. If it weren’t for me, I also have a kaleidoscope of sharingan dialect. Maybe I have been controlled by you just now. Is this the kaleidoscope of Uchiha Shisui and sharingan? What is this ability called? " Asked with regrets, at the same time, I thought to myself, "Sure enough, Uchiha Itachi is really a difficult person. Just come and see me completely caught up in his rhythm."
The ferret replied faintly, "This is the best illusion of stopping water for me to keep. This trick is called" Other Gods ".Today, I want this trick" Other Gods "and my" Harle "to get rid of you. You are too dangerous in Uchiha Obito, so you should die here." After that, the ferret increased the pupil force output and left blood and tears in the excessive left eye.
Just when the weasel was about to succeed, Tui suddenly said, "I have to admire you for pushing me to this point, but I still want to tell you that you still underestimate me." Tui dialect just fell, and suddenly a vine emerged from the crow’s land, which suddenly pierced the crow and lost the other gods to suppress Tui. The weasel immediately launched a counterattack. I didn’t expect that the Tui pupil force was so strong. Suddenly, the "Harle" exerted by the weasel was bounced back by the Tui pupil force, and the weasel quickly closed its eyes, but the art of self-bite still made the weasel’s left eye
Then Daitu Ninjutsu came to the crow’s body and dug out the water-stopping eyes and laughed. "Ha, ha, ha, got a good eye. You’d better die." Daitu Ninjutsu earned the water-stopping eyes and was ready to start work on the ferret.
The weasel didn’t expect that taking the soil would make Mu Dun know that this time, not only the soil could not be solved, but also the water-stopping eyes could not be left, leaving a dead end. The weasel hurried to teleport and wanted to leave the soil, knowing that there would be no such good chance if the weasel was not taken the opportunity to get rid of it this time, so the Indian road "Uchihiro Inflammation World" suddenly raised four extremely high-temperature flame walls around the weasel and the soil.
The weasel was blocked by the "Uchihiro inflammation world" with soil, and suddenly stopped. At this moment, the soil printed "Fire Dun Storm Dancing" and saw the fire dun process from the soil. Spiral thinking of the weasel coming, the weasel hurriedly printed "Fire Dun Hao Fireball Technique". The weasel Hao fireball and the soil storm dancing met and swallowed each other, and gradually the weasel Hao fireball was suppressed by the soil storm dancing.
At this moment, the ferret suddenly opened his right eye, and the black flame of "Sky Photo" joined the fireball of ferret Howe, and the earth-covered storm was gradually swallowed up by the sky photo. When the black flame was about to die, the earth-covered can make Ninjutsu hide in and avoid the black flame of "Sky Photo".
The ferret seized this moment opportunity to make a "celestial photo" of the "Uchihiro inflammation world" and immediately burned a gap in the "Uchihiro inflammation world". After that, the ferret hurried out to make the telephoto escape from here. By the time the soil got rid of the celestial photo of the ferret, the ferret had fled far away. "You can’t escape the ferret, no matter where you flee, I will kill it myself. You know that my secret person will die. I will never allow people like you to interfere with my plan."
After the weasel escaped from the earth-bearing boundary, it fled all the way to Yanyin Village, the soil country. When he was on his way, the weasel always wondered what the earth-bearing arm would make Mudun endure, but when he thought of the earth-bearing arm, he suddenly realized, "So it is no wonder that Uchiha Obito’s strength is so high. It is no wonder that it was a fusion of white cells. It was said from those stone walls at the former site of Uchibo that the people of Uchibo got the immortal body, and their pupil power will be greatly improved, which is likely to open a higher-level sharingan."
Skunk wry smile way "this careless I didn’t expect this guy Uchiha Obito to have a fairy body to support his eyes. No wonder his pupil strength can compete with mine and the water-stop eye. It seems that if you want to solve him first, you have to solve his fairy body first. To solve his fairy body, his kaleidoscope sharingan pupil strength is almost the same as Kakashi’s, so the chance of killing him will be greatly increased. But now, if you get the water-stop eye back first, I’m saying that without the water-stop eye, I can’t kill him even if I have the chance."
At this time, Naruto has already got up with Hongdou. When they first arrived in the hall, they saw Jiraiya sitting in a chair with a black face and sighing. It seems that life can be loved. Naruto curiously asked, "What’s wrong with you, lecherous fairy? Why are you sitting here sighing alone?"
Jiraiya looked up at Naruto and said, "Oh, it’s Naruto. You and that little girl of Red Bean are running late. Young people should be temperate. If you don’t occupy your youth, you won’t know how to be temperate. You’ll know when you are old."
Red beans suddenly turned ruddy and shy when they heard Jiraiya’s words. Even Naruto was embarrassed. When Jiraiya saw their appearance, they suddenly lost their mood and waved their hands. "Well, don’t talk about you, do whatever you like." Then he sighed again.
w w w 8
Naruto was even more curious when he saw Jiraiya. What happened in Jiraiya made him so depressed. So Naruto asked impatiently, "What’s the matter with you? Say it. It’s so depressed, but it’s nothing like I know a lecherous fairy. Tell me what happened so that I can find a way to solve it for you."
Jiraiya took a look at Naruto again and said, "Forget it. You can’t help me. No one can help me. My hard work is gone. How can you help me? I really don’t want to talk. It’s the old woman in Gang Shou who always hurts me."
Naruto was even more strange after hearing Jiraiya’s words, and hurriedly asked, "Does Gang Shou’s mother-in-law have anything to do with Gang Shou’s mother-in-law? Oh, it’s also true that you’ve been chasing Gang Shou’s mother-in-law for so many years, but it’s certain that you haven’t been frustrated. But you can’t be a lecherous fairy. You’ve been waiting for so many years. I believe that Gang Shou’s mother-in-law will be moved by you sooner or later. Come on, lecherous fairy, you will succeed. "
Jiraiya heard Naruto’s guess and suddenly roared with a black line, "Naruto, are you all right in your head? Who told you that I am this? What are you thinking in your head? You are stupid. If I were so vulnerable, I would have died earlier, you idiot."
Naruto, after hearing Jiraiya’s angry roar, immediately wondered, "Isn’t it? Then what else can make you so depressed? You say it. "
Jiraiya nai replied, "Just now, Gang Shou, a prodigal bitch, actually lost my one-third savings. That’s my one-third savings. There are hundreds of millions. She just lost all these money. Now I feel that my life is dark and I can’t live."
Naruto heard that Gang Shou had lost hundreds of millions of dollars in Jiraiya, and he was startled. Red beans also forced Naruto to ask, "What the hell is going on? How can Gang Shou’s mother-in-law take your money to gamble? How did you get your money from Gang Shou’s mother-in-law? You shouldn’t lend it to her. "Say that finish, Naruto looks frightened and dares to lend money to Gang Shou’s mother-in-law, so he is ready to borrow it. Gang Shou never pays back the money.
Jiraiya looked at Naruto contemptuously and said, "Am I that stupid? I don’t know what Gang Shou is like. I dare to lend her money. It’s stupid of me. The thing is the same. "
It turned out that Jiraiya accidentally lost himself when he was chased by Gang Shou, and then it happened that Gang Shou got it, and the worst thing was that Gang Shou actually knew Jiraiya’s password, and then it was conceivable that Gang Shou took Jiraiya and went to Yinzhuang to take Jiraiya’s money in Yinzhuang and gambled at the casino, losing hundreds of millions of dollars. When he came, he found that it was too late to sit here and sigh.
Naruto’s face is full of black lines and he sympathizes with Jiraiya, which is also the reason why the World Bank system of Huo Ying is not perfect. Naruto can also sympathize with the Jiraiya newspaper. Seeing from his eyes that he is black and blue, he must have been beaten by Gang Shou, which is already very unlucky, and the beater gambles with the beaten person’s money. This bloody story will only be encountered by Jiraiya.
Jiraiya sighed, "This time it’s really bad blood. I’ve been beaten up by Gang Shou and lost so much money by her. What evil did I do?" Then Jiraiya was born to love again.
At this time, there has been no talk. Red bean asked, "Jiraiya’s adult Gang Shou knows your password so much."
Jiraiya was even more alive after hearing the question of red beans. Nai said, "The password is that I linked Gang Shou’s birthday, and she knew it from the very beginning."
Red bean looked at Jiraiya piteously and thought, "Jiraiya’s adult is really infatuated. Even this should be linked with Gang Shou’s adult’s birthday, but Gang Shou’s adult is too fond of her. Jiraiya’s adult is so infatuated with her, but it’s too pitiful for her to treat Jiraiya’s adult Jiraiya like this."
Then Naruto asked, "What about Gang Shou’s mother-in-law, the lecherous fairy? Where is she?"
Jiraiya replied, "Where else can she drink in the front pub? She drinks every time she loses money."
Naruto replied, "Then Red Bean and I will go to find Gang Shou’s mother-in-law. If it’s okay, we will go first." After that, Naruto quickly took Red Bean’s hand and left without waiting for Jiraiya’s reply.
When I got out of the hotel, Red Bean asked curiously, "Naruto, why did you leave in such a hurry? Jiraiya’s adult is so pitiful. We should stay with him to comfort him. He is so infatuated with Gang Shou’s adult. Now I think Gang Shou’s adult is in love. Jiraiya likes Gang Shou’s adult so much, but Gang Shou’s adult treats Jiraiya’s adult Jiraiya so pitifully."
Naruto laughed. "Sister Red Bean, although I don’t want to break your beautiful imagination, if you think the lecherous fairy is a good person or a poor person, I must wake you up-why am I in such a hurry?"
Red bean asked strangely, "What is the reason, Naruto?"
"The reason is that the lecherous fairy is lying, and his savings are definitely not this number. I’m sure that the lecherous fairy is acting, and its purpose is to attract the attention of Gang Shou’s mother-in-law so that Gang Shou’s mother-in-law will feel guilty about him, so that his chances of getting close to Gang Shou’s mother-in-law will increase. If we want to help him, we have to go to Gang Shou’s mother-in-law, okay?"
Red beans that suddenly realize "that this is not cheating Gang Shou’s adult? Lord Jiraiya can do this and Naruto, you still want to help Lord Jiraiya. What is this? "
Naruto Nai said, "Sister Red Bean, I really don’t know what to say about you. You are so simple. Fortunately, you met me. If you meet a bad person, you will be sad for a generation. If you think about the lecherous fairy, it is because you like Gang Shou’s mother-in-law that you will come up with such a way to get close to Gang Shou’s mother-in-law. I also hope that the lecherous fairy can succeed because they are really well matched. The lecherous fairy has been waiting for Gang Shou’s mother-in-law for decades. This feeling is true."
Red beans just came to their senses and said, "I see, then let’s go to Gang Shou’s adult."
Two people came to the opposite pub just to see Gang Shou and Jingjing in it. Gang Shou was already drunk for seven minutes. When Naruto and Red Bean came, Gang Shou was drunk and laughed. "Hey, you two are finally willing to come out. I also want you two to stay in the room for a generation."
Red bean face ruddy JiaoChen way "Gang Shou adult you make fun of me again I will ignore you, have you do this elder? Always making fun of others. "
Gang Shou suddenly laughed when he saw the shyness of red beans. "Ha, ha, ha. I didn’t expect red beans to be shy one day. It’s really strange. What would you think if Konoha people knew?"