"Compared with human beings, the life span of our dragon is really too long, especially for me in the first generation. My lover’s name is Yatianji, and she was the princess of one of the largest countries in human beings at that time."

Hearing these three words, the cat in the sky can’t help but show incredible sunlight in his eyes.
Di Longzu continued, "She is so beautiful and the first beauty of mankind. I am so happy every day with her. She accompanied us all over the mainland, leaving traces of us on almost every inch of land. This day lasted for ten years. She always accompanied me and gently took care of my life and daily life. During that day, I almost forgot that I was a dragon."
"Ten years is a very long time for you humans, but it is nothing for us dragons. Finally, one day, my affair with her was discovered by the five ancestors of the dragon, and they were furious. Although my strength was the strongest among the six ancestors, I had already reached the peak of the holy level at that time. I always knew that if I continued to practice, I would be promoted to God one day, but the five of them just entered the holy level. Even if the five of them were put together, I was not my opponent. I was a dragon. The clan was really anchored at that time, but after all, the strength of the five elements was not as simple as one plus one, just as you were able to exert your own strength. At that time, their five elements joined hands and eventually defeated me and took me back to the Sanhe Mountain. At that time, the name of this place was also called Dragon Mountain, and Yatian was also taken back by them. Because she has been with me, Yatian Machine Repair has also risen to the level of respecting the strong, which is what you humans call, and at that time, your human beings only respected the strong. Her magic attribute is Xin Jin. "
"Five ancestors let me make a clean break with Yatian, and I will kill her myself. I will still be the dragon emperor. They still love me and support me to continue to carry forward the dragon inheritance. Yatian didn’t say anything at that time. She looked at me silently, and I didn’t know how much I loved her until then.
In fact, those five ancestors are stupid. They don’t need to do this at all. The life span of human beings is only a hundred years, and even I can reverse it. Even if Yatian Ji Xiu has risen to the level of respecting the strong, it will last for 200 or 300 years at most. Compared with our dragon, this is really short-lived. They need to wait until Yatian dies, and I will naturally return to the dragon. They have never really loved nature. How much do I love Yatian Ji? I didn’t hesitate to refuse them immediately. How can I kill her myself? At that time, I thought that even if I had to give up my position as the dragon emperor, I would stay with her. "
"They came to kill Yatian, but they didn’t dare because if I worked hard, even if they could finally kill me, my strength could destroy most of the dragon mountains. Finally, we compromised with each other. They sealed me here and abolished Yatian’s magic, but left her to die."
Speaking of which, Long Zu sighed for a long time, and the clouds stirred up all the people’s mood because of it.
"Yatian left and I fell into a semi-crazy state. I was tirelessly mating with various races every day. At that time, I was really painful. I didn’t know that Yatian would eventually be like this, but I was so depressed in the dragon mountain range. Even when the five ancestors died, I didn’t feel any sadness. Although Yatian was already dead according to the time, I had her in my heart. She was pregnant with my child when she left. Even the other five ancestors didn’t know this."
"In just a few hundred years, mankind has grown rapidly, that is, at that time, mankind gradually became the master of the world, and we dragons have too much strength to maintain the suppression of waves against me, and we have no mind to compete with mankind, and the other five ancestors died one after another because they were injured in the World War I and sealed me. In the dragon heyday, they gave up the dominant position in the mainland."
"Conspiracy" This is a conspiracy, the Dragon Emperor said emotionally.
At it, DiLongZu wry smile way "you and I don’t know this is a conspiracy?
Hundreds of years after Yatian left, I had already understood that I didn’t seal the struggle because I was a dragon sinner and the real dragon sinner was sealed here. It was also because I loved Yatian at that time that I would say that human beings were a stronger race than our dragons. Until now, I am sure whether her love for me is true or not, but it was she who broke up the six ancestors of our dragons and led them to rule the whole continent in a short time, and she also got many cultivation doors from me. Since then, human beings have been strong, but have you been? I don’t hate her. I never hated her. Even though she was a human being, she never really loved me. I still didn’t hate her in those ten years. I will never forget the experience. I once loved one. I am a dragon criminal, and I should be sealed here. I never thought that her child and I were still alive, and this child is your daughter with my blood! "
Said the last sentence to Long Zu eyes have been firmly fixed on Ah Kin’s body. Two huge tears slipped down his big eyes and hit Ah Kin’s face and the ground was wet with her body.
Tears have already shed in the eyes of a group of girls in the Heavenly Immortal Saints. Although all that Di Longzu did was a devastating disaster for the dragon, his deep affection for Ya Tianji deeply infected these girls. Even Ji Dong and them moved, especially Ji. He also loved flame so much that he could understand the mood of Long Zu best.
"I would be as unrepentant as you are," murmured Ji Dong.
Ah Kin was very pale and looked at Long Zu. Her body kept trembling, and her mind kept counting. memento mori’s story about Long Zu gradually merged with everything that happened long ago. It was constantly emerging in her mind. The light in her eyes was no longer vacant but constantly changing. She was recalling many things.
Suddenly Ah Kin burst into tears in front of Long Zu, and Ji Dong could clearly feel that Ah Kin’s soul world seemed to open a door to spiritual wisdom. At this time, Ah Kin seemed to have completely turned into another person, and her face was cold and disappeared, replaced by extremely strong emotional fluctuations.
"Mom loves you. She loves you!" Ah Kin had already wept bitterly after saying such a sentence.
Di Longzu froze. He heard that he had been thinking about it for thousands and thousands of years, and the question that had puzzled him all his life was also a question.
"What did you say?" Di Longzu gawked at Ah Kin, and his body crawled again, and his huge head was so flat. In front of Ah Kin, big drops of tears and worries flowed like rivers.
Ah Kin choked and said, "Mom loves you. She will love you more deeply than you love her. Yes, Mom approached you with a purpose. Besides her own symplectic nature, Mom studied ancient divination since childhood. At that time, the dragon was really powerful. I don’t know how many human dead dragons were in the hands of human memory. The dragon is synonymous with the devil. It can save human beings and let them reproduce. After careful calculation and deduction, Mom found the only opportunity, that is, the opportunity for her to know you. You, the dragon, dominate the six ancestors. If you want to defeat the dragon and let mankind thrive smoothly, you must make your six ancestors have problems, otherwise you will almost have a limited life span, and mankind will never turn over.
Mother’s initial approach to you is indeed able to destroy your dragon, but mother also knows that if she approaches you with purpose, your wisdom will be found, so the first thing she does when she meets you is to forget hatred. "
At this time, Ah Kin is still a little cold. She is like a little girl who has been greatly wronged, crying and telling her sadness.
"Only by forgetting that human dragons hate their mother can we really get close to you. She keeps her heart open to love your father. You were the enemy’s strength and wisdom at that time. How can you love your mother if she doesn’t really love you? The ten years you spent together was the most profound memory in your life, but you know what? That decade was the only glorious decade in my mother’s life! "
"Mom has never done anything with you, but she really loves you. At most, she is learning all kinds of abilities you have given and silently recording these cultivation methods. That’s all. Everything that happens next is the problem that your six ancestors created by themselves. This is also the deduction of your mother’s teacher. You were sealed, and the other five ancestors were seriously injured. After my mother was abolished and returned to the human world, my mother sorted out the practitioners you had given me a year later and left me a letter. After that, she left. She heard grandmaster say that your name was always on her lips when her mother died. Her greatest wish was to see you again at that time, but she couldn’t because she knew that everything you suffered was due to the suffering of her heart when her mother died, which was imagined by others.
Speaking of which, Ah Kin is sobbing, and the huge body of Long Zu is constantly shaking and mumbling, "She loves me, she loves me!" She really loves me. What day did you play so hard on me because I have great power? One year, one year, she has already left me. What am I waiting for? "
Chen Sixuan Ah Kin gently hugged her and comforted her. Ah Kin cried and gradually stopped. "Mom, the teacher is the originator of ancient divination. She kept a record of this pulse divination and put it together with her mother’s practice. This name is named after her mother."
"But I am the cat that inherited the elegant cat. After the death of my predecessors, I don’t know how many years ago, the first generation of cat got the gift, which led to the creation of heavenly saints. The help of heavenly saints came into being, which led to the myth of saints. Although there are also dark cats and dark saints in the dark five elements mainland, it is certain that their appearance and bearing us are completely different." He had guessed many things when he heard the words elegant cat. When the first generation of cat inherited it, he told him the story of Yu Ya cat, the dragon ancestor’s lover and elegant cat.
"Tell me, son, what did the letter your mother left you say?" Long zu quiver asked.
Ah Kin murmured, "My mother left me a letter with a few words. She said that the greatest happiness in her life was that she met you, and the greatest sorrow was that she met you. After you asked me to practice hard and break through the realm of respecting the strong, I went to the bottom of the East China Sea to look for the ten-order magic soldiers and wild swordfish to get its blood to help you break the seal. Even if it caused you to retaliate against human beings, she would not regret it. If I can do this and save you, let me tell you that she doesn’t beg your forgiveness, but she will always love you."
My trick is to reveal some future plots to you. According to the plan, Chen Sixuan will be overthrown in about 15 days. I don’t know if you are interested. If you are interested, tell me the monthly ticket and recommended votes to make the storm more violent. Chapter four hundred and forty I can make the dragon ancestors immortal.
Boom-a strange energy instantaneous explosion that is not magic but pure soul force.
The heavenly saints felt that their 3.6 million pores were completely opened at this moment, and the huge body of Longzu suddenly lifted up to the sky and opened its mouth. It seemed to be roaring, but it didn’t make a sound at all. Its body just kept shaking and shaking, and the mountain peaks kept shaking, so it was necessary to provoke magic to barely stabilize its shape.
Ji Dong silently watched the dragon’s soul as if it had burst at the level of the dragon’s soul closest to that of the dragon emperor. They could feel that the dragon’s soul was in a strange mood fluctuation at this time, which was extremely excited and extremely sad, mixed with the excitement of Ji Dong’s judgment, but he could feel the sadness, just like when he was three steps old after the death of the flame. It is conceivable that the dragon’s soul fluctuated so violently at this time.
Ah Kin looked at Long Zu’s fists tightly clutching her, and her mood swings were also extremely intense. Fortunately, Chen Sixuan’s chaotic power and soul power helped her stabilize her mood.
"Mom left this letter to grandmaster for me to make a breakthrough until I respected the strong, but grandmaster didn’t live that long. When she was about to die, she told me what her mother had experienced and gave me this letter. At that time, I was far from reaching the level of respecting the strong, but how can I hold myself back when I know what my mother and you have experienced? So I went to the East China Sea, and I finally found the tenth order magic weapon, but it was so powerful that my last memory was lost in a cold current. "
Everything has come to light. Ah Kin is looking for magic soldiers and crazy swordfish, which is the place where the first generation of heavenly saints made a sacred island, and Ji Dong saved Ah Kin from Xuan Bing by coincidence, and the flame revived her, so that Ah Kin and Ji moved them together.
It can be said that Ah Kin is not a pure human, but a Niu Long half-human, and her attributes are inherited from her mother.
Don’t say it’s the heavenly saints, even the dragon emperor is already sluggish at this time. The dragon emperor should hate it. It is because of the love of the dragon ancestor that the dragon lost its dominance in the mainland, but how can it hate it? Dilongzu is its true ancestor! It can be said that without the dragon ancestor, there would be no dragon and no whole dragon.
Di Longzu’s body trembled and gradually stopped. Its huge body seemed to be back to normal. When it bowed its head again, everyone was surprised to see that its original Huang Chengcheng big eyes turned into frightening blood red and its voice became hoarse. "I need to think about my child quietly. Will you stay with me?"