In the middle of the road, Twisted Fate was caught, and this head made Victor get this one, which was still a loss.

Although Twisted Fate’s death at this time will not have much impact on himself, it also depends on who took the head. If a hero like Victor gets it, it will have a great impact.
One after another, that’s what it means
"Victor’s getting the head has a little impact on the game, but it’s not serious. After all, we have started to hold a group, and he has not had much chance to retreat." Ye Feng glanced at the middle position
In the face of the high-explosive late hero, he is afraid that he will drag the rhythm and then develop crazily, and it will be easy for the equipment to take shape in the later stage.
However, at the beginning of this road, the maple hook knocked out the auxiliary flash, and the second hook was perfectly stuck. The time difference of single delivery completely played out the rhythm of the road, and it was possible to directly hold the group in the middle of the road in 16 minutes to compress Victor’s development …
Chapter two hundred and nine Static if an arrow.
"They have gathered together to help you come and let the ADC control line develop."
Wait until the men’s gun and the robot department meet in the middle of the road, and the blue side and the auxiliary double-row wild barrel open their mouths in the headset
There is no doubt that their array is at a disadvantage in the early stage. Now it is best to be equipped in a single team, such as development. When the time comes, the team battle will be very strong with ADC’s big move.
But if you look at it from the opposite side, it won’t give this opportunity.
Night maple robot recklessly inserted its eyes at the entrance of the wild area near the middle road and began to cooperate with the middle road to advance.
This is a step forward for the two men who have joined the road to push forward Victor Genfa with one player and four players.
"I rely on their control ability is too strong, so let’s let Zhongta go." Seeing the card, excavator and road seems to be with the belief that they will push the auxiliary fan mother to frown.
Even if the barrels are controlled, these four men certainly have no chance to run.
Not to mention the fact that the cask is now in no state to go home, and there are two people left in the middle of the road, he and Victor.
"Come on, let it go." The barrel glanced at the other side, and the line of soldiers had come, and he had just come out of the spring.
"Well, I’ll throw two skills to see if I can put it off."
The middle night maple and the wild excavator will directly push off a tower with a wave of soldiers.
It’s too important for Victor, a hero who needs to develop in the early stage.
"Bang!" This is an enhanced E-skill death ray after Victor entered the tower on the opposite line.
However, it is obvious that this e skill can shoot at the first three soldiers. Although it can shoot at all soldiers after two steps forward, it is very likely that the card will draw a yellow card to stun him. Victor players still dare not be impulsive.
But even though this is a very cautious e skill of Victor, it is not ready to let go to protect one tower and attack the night maple once.
Summoner’s skill flashes Peugeot sound reminds me of the golden robot flashing directly and using Q skill mechanical flying claw at the same time!
"Grass!" In Victor’s live broadcast, an anchor smoking a cigarette cursed and pressed flash at the same time.
The huge mechanical flying claw crossed the screen but didn’t catch anyone.
Judging from the position, if Victor had not flashed just now, he would have been caught at the extreme distance.
"awesome!" Didn’t catch the opposite flash victor night maple in the mind is also a surprise.
This person’s reaction is really abnormal!
The robot flashes Q skills very quickly and will hit the target in an instant, but it still can’t catch these top players who have flashed in their hands.
Of course, no matter whether we can catch the auxiliary flash or not, it will definitely make a lot of money to force Victor’s C-position flash without displacement
"I am so fierce by the anchor?"
"It’s just that the Victor people across the street are stupid, and the robot across the street plays games like this."
Victor was forced to flash and didn’t dare to come again. If he was fainted by the flash of cards again, he would definitely die.
Although this wave of night maple flashes didn’t kill Victor, Zhongta must have been firmly pulled out.
"there is p!"
At this time, sINGle ing also typed
At the same time, a tower was pulled out in Lutano.
The purple side pulled out the three outer towers opposite.
In the early stage of this level ranking, even a wave of line losses is a huge disadvantage, not to mention the fact that Olaf now wants to hold a tower but shows his ability.
Up to now, it seems that the double-headed outburst is not as fierce as it is, but the calm appearance is that the opposite side has been pushed to the limit.
"Let’s wait for Victor to get up."
Blue side at the same time single olaf typing way
The purple side has just got two little dragons, and they still have a chance to delay.
Of course, this is the idea in the hearts of the blue party.
And Ye Feng’s idea in his heart is also very simple. Now he has a great advantage. He needs to make a good vision. If he has the opportunity to cooperate with other roads to catch some orders, he will be able to hold the game firmly.
The third little dragon quickly refreshed the opposite side and was not prepared to grab the meaning. In the night, the maple robot was arrogant and led directly.
It’s another underdog’s shrinking tactic, but when the night maple robot cooperated with the card and excavator in 25 minutes, it once again showed its power and directly rushed to the second tower to kill the ADC ice on the opposite side.
"Excavator plus card seems to be the prototype of the dominant ball flow."
"It’s a pity that it’s not a big waist or it’s a classic."
The live broadcast is also a discussion.