He saw Long Hate covering his chest, and the blood kept pouring out and dyed his robe and skirt red.

It keeps flowing like a river and can’t stop.
Yu Yuanjun reached out from the fence to catch something.
But his hand caught nothing.
"Take care of yourself in the Five Temples and don’t hurt again …" In a trance, he seemed to hear Long Hate finally talking to him when he was leaving.
He actually smiled to himself at that time?
"… there are ordinary people like me who die first."
Yu Yuanjun covered his chest.
Long hate posture, as if it was him who was just hit by hidden weapons.
He wasn’t hit by hidden weapons. It hurts like he’s dying here.
Chapter 41 Long hate to cheat death and worry about growing up again
A Update the latest chapter of Shao Qing’s pet career in Dali Temple as soon as possible!
The assassination of Dali Temple soon reached the emperor’s ears.
The next day, in the early morning, I was surprised to see that Qing Moyan appeared in the early morning and was still wearing Shaoqing four officials.
All the ministers were amazed and whispered.
Qing Mo Yan looked at all the ministers’ comments and told the story of the assassin in Dali Temple prison in public and took out the second young master Qing Jinzhi’s mouth.
The emperor called Tai Chao to confront him in public.
Too vehemently denied it. He did.
Although many of the ministers are too suspicious of this, they are too ignorant, and it is extremely difficult to be trusted by the second young master.
Before retiring from the dynasty, the emperor publicly announced the restoration of the post of Shaoqing in Qingmoyan Dali Temple and summoned Taitai alone after retiring from the dynasty.
The emperor kept his mouth shut about brocade, but he talked about homeliness.
Too hesitant, "I haven’t had a chance to enter the palace to greet my mother after I got married."
The emperor gave him a look. "It’s better than a few days. Come with the toffee to the palace."
Too grateful, I looked up to see the emperor with a strange smile.
That smile was a little weird, and I was wrong for a moment. When he wanted to see it carefully, the emperor had returned to positive color.
Dali temple
RuXiaoNan took a box from QianCheng and accompanied by XuanYu quietly went around the line of sight to the MC.
Because Qing Mo Yan took special care of her, she went directly to the MC without being stopped.
Xuanyu stood at the door and slipped in with the box pushed forward.
"Long hate me for bringing meat buns" Ruxiaonan Trail
Lying on the bed board, I sat up with a bitter face. "This is too rigid and hard. My waist will break after a night’s sleep."
RuXiaoNan cover your mouth smile.
"How can the living sleep this? If you insist on it for two days, Qing Mo Yan has been reinstated and will send you out when he has arranged it."
Long hate the activity of the body to sit over and enjoy the meat package sent by Ru Xiaonan.
"Is there any news in the palace?" Long hate asked over dinner.
Ru Xiaonan shrugged his shoulders. "It’s just the second young master’s misfortune to pick himself up completely."
"Qing Hou Fu finished" long hate hum.
Who can blame? You can say you died by yourself.
RuXiaoNan leaning on the bar staring at the long hate "do you really want to go?"
"Never come back?"
"I will miss you."
Long hate almost choked on the bag. "I’m not a young girl, don’t be disgusting with me."