The girl wore a blue dress, long hair, shoulders and eyes staring at the window.
in the still of night
Girl’s eyes are full of affection.
Tianxi Rui had a bad feeling for no reason.
This is Sister Liuli, so hungry!
The woman who automatically delivers the door is nothing but disgusting!
Tianxirui flew out of the hospital and quickly entered the house.
The door slammed behind him.
Quiet down the courtyard, because his door rang very clearly.
Dugu Hanmei got a fright!
It was late at night when he should go to bed, and she boldly came to his hospital just thinking that if he opened the window, he might be able to see him sleeping.
But I didn’t expect him to come back now!
I don’t think it must have just come back from the Fifth Sister’s Hospital!
Did he really sleep with Wu Mei?
She couldn’t help being crazy with jealousy!
What makes her even more devastated is that his anger is aimed at her, right?
Whether he is angry or not, since he found her, she should take the initiative! She can’t lose him!
"It’s too presumptuous to disturb Han Mei’s late-night visit and want the public to point out the magic." It’s natural for Dugu Aoxue, who has always been proud, to put himself in a position when he meets Tianxirui, a stunning man.
The house was horribly quiet.
Dugu Aoxue waited for a long time, but he didn’t see Tianxirui’s answer. It felt more sad than that, but she was not angry with Tianxirui. She practiced, and he must know if he was willing to induce.
"Since it’s too late to rest, I won’t bother you. I hope that the next time I come here, I can guide Han Mei’s magic. Han Mei will be grateful." Dugu Han Mei finished her lips and turned around.
Just as she was flying away, Tianxirui’s charming voice rang. Chapter 91 owed him another favor.
Dugu Hanmei is overjoyed.
Tianxirui, is this a promise?
God, I’m so excited!
Although she is usually cold, she really can’t get cold with Tianxirui. These days, as soon as she closes her eyes, he appears in front of her. She knows that she has deeply liked him!
Now that she has succeeded in attracting his attention, let Fifth Sister cry her heart out!
Dugu Hanmei suddenly feels so Japanese!
These days, Wu Mei’s limelight has overshadowed her, and she has been talked about by everyone everywhere. Now Tianxirui finally likes her!
Haha, the fifth sister will be abandoned!
Since the day, her fame has come back!
Dugu Hanmei was so excited that she almost screamed!
She can really be keen on her heart all day!
"Don’t come to my yard after dirty!"
Just when she was expecting him to appear in front of her and dreaming of their beautiful love, his cold and vicious words made her feel that the world was shattered like a bomb!
How is that possible?
He thinks she’s dirty?
How come…
How can she say such a thing when she is obsessed with others?
By the way, it must be that bastard Wu Mei who spoke ill of her in front of him!
Fifth sister, you are cruel enough to wait!
Dugu Hanmei left angrily.
In fact, she thought about rushing directly to the fifth sister’s yard to kill her, but if she wants to come to Tianxirui, she will surely hold a grudge against her. After all, now his heart is on the fifth sister!
So she can’t make a move now!
She must find a just reason to beat Wu Mei!
She must take Tianxirui away from her fifth sister because Tianxirui is her and not others!
Fifth sister’s machinations can never succeed!
Back in the house, Dugu Hanmei broke almost everything in the house!
"Fifth sister, you want me to give up Tianxirui’s dream!"
Feeling that a touch of light blue anger left Tianxirui suddenly feeling particularly good.
He has always been fond of women, except his mother and his sister Liuli, who is his first pet. Those women who naturally send their doors automatically disgust him the most!
Especially in the Dugu Hanmei competition, that * * * has seen through the true face of this woman. Since she won’t let his little glass feel better, will he let her feel better? Think of him as a little revenge for Xiao Liuli.
Haha, so I want to come to Xiaoliu and owe him one.
Tianxirui was in a good mood and had a dream all night.
"Good morning, Miss Five"
"Good morning, Miss Five"
"Good morning, Miss Five"
Look at this group of people who greet her, Gu Liuli keeps an indifferent heart.
She still bears a grudge for bullying her before these guys.
Today, she wants to go to class. After all, she always stays in the yard and talks too much. She plans to finish the class and then borrow every magic from the Tibetan Pavilion. Let’s see which magic she likes first and then start practicing.
"five young ladies"
"five young ladies"
"five young ladies"