Listen to Ye Yu Serafur, some can’t help but slowly move a few steps back to reveal a face of bitterness.

"I don’t want it. I’m not the devil Leviathan. I’m the magic girl Milky sauce now."
Ye Yu couldn’t help holding the forehead like this. Serafur really made him have some words. It is better to take out the demon king’s momentum and teach him a good lesson, which will make him feel better.
"Boo-hoo is too much … bullying Xiao Cang, then don’t say that you have to bully others now, right?"
When Ye Yu stared at Serafur with a face of language, the latter shrank with a face of injustice and then cried so directly.
"Adult Willy Tan, please pay attention to your identity, even if you pretend to cry in a place like this."
"Oops ~! Was it discovered? Hey? "
After no tears, the original sad expression immediately brightened up, but no one found that the burgundy eyes stretched out that hard to detect.
Cangna did tell her sister about Ye Yu, but Leviathan Seraph, the four devils in hell, couldn’t see that her sister was no longer a virgin.
After being angry and surprised at who took away his sister’s virginity, and then hearing Cang Na talking about Ye Yu, Serafur also knew who the person who took away his sister’s body and mind was.
If this soldier is an ordinary soldier, even if he is Leah’s family, a chess reincarnated demon or a genius with a lethal device, Seraph will definitely kill him.
But … After hearing Cang Na’s explanation and knowing that this man is a soldier with eleven chess metempsychosis, Serafur was silent.
Although Cang Na’s sister is also recognized by the underworld, she is also the fourth demon king of the underworld, Leviathan.
Although it’s upside down and not conformal, since the body demon king has been able to sit in this position for so many years, Seraphre relies on nature and not only strength.
Strength may be an important part, but what really makes people believe that the devil is the devil who wants to contribute to the underworld for the whole underworld.
After knowing Ye Yu’s identity, Serafur fell silent and made eleven demon chess reincarnate, which has become a genius.
Great people are just like what Leah once said to Guleifia. It is not too much to use such words to form a leaf.
If the devil has a chance to defeat degenerate angels and angels and become masters of the world in the future, it will be led by this man.
Before … Is that he can grow up!
Eleven demon chess metempsychosis whether the devil can grow into such a terrible thing, even Serafur can’t help but look forward to it.
Compared with this man who took away Cang Na’s chastity, it seems that it is no longer important, and it is said that this man is worthy of Cang Na’s man, isn’t it?
And since Cang Na also likes him, there seems to be no reason for being a sister. Did you silently bless him? But unwilling! Sure enough, it is unwilling to talk about it!
Ye Yu looked at Seraph, the demon Lord Leviathan, with some lingering thoughts. His face has been changing since the beginning. What the hell is going on?
"Sure enough … sure enough, I should kill you!"
After a long time, when Ye Yu was thinking about how to open his mouth to let Lord Leviathan leave his body, Serafur suddenly gave a twisted smile and then slowly uttered words that made Ye Yu’s scalp numb.
What kind of trouble! I was just selling cute there. Why are you suddenly going to kill me for no reason?
"Sister, have you had enough trouble?"
I have changed back to a colt king academy, and I don’t know when it appeared behind them, staring at my sister with a face of anger.
"Well … well, please listen to me. It’s not what you think. Don’t hate your sister!"
Looking at Cang Na’s serious attitude, Serafur hurriedly turned around, glittering and translucent tears rolled in her eyes, and she couldn’t help crying again, but it seemed that this time she really wanted to cry instead of pretending.
However, it seems that because of being too anxious, she still tugged at Ye Yu’s collar, Serafur turned around and instantly became unstable, and then she fell to the ground with Ye Yu’s mess.
Come and make such a lovely wail, and soon Seraph’s words are blocked in his mouth.
While watching the two people fall to the ground pale, it was also because of surprise that they widened their eyes. It was a coincidence that they fell down and Ye Yu pressed on their sister’s body. More coincidentally, two people’s lips clung together so directly.
"Elder sister … elder sister, please calm down. It’s not Ye Yu’s fault, right? !”
Watching her sister tremble and clench her fist slowly, for fear that she would do something irrational in anger, then she hurriedly opened her mouth nervously.
Chapter 71 farce
"What are you doing? So noisy?"
With Leah silk sound and Elsa exclaimed a group of people appeared at the end of the corridor.
Pale heart thumped back and saw two figures that shouldn’t be here.
"That … what a coincidence, Lord Lucifer and Uncle Jimongli."
Pale that show some expression in distress situation, but this meeting is really finished. I hope my sister won’t go crazy and destroy the world.
"Well … that …"
Don’t say that Lilias is in distress situation. Even Sasakes, with his father now in charge of the Jimenez family, has something to say about the scene before him.
Although Selaful Mater is famous in the underworld, it’s a little too much to harass the younger generation, isn’t it?
In their eyes, the reason for this situation must be Seraph, otherwise her Leviathan identity might be kissed by a junior?
Although it seems that Ye Yu is holding Serafur down by force now, how is it possible? The opponent is Leviathan in the Four Demons of the underworld.
Some surprises are that my sister will have a big explosion, but she is as direct as if nothing happened.
"Well, what a coincidence that Sussex sauce is here."
Although I don’t know what happened, Sussex felt a deep sense of danger in front of her eyes.
"Ah, because it’s my beloved sister’s open class, I’m here. Selafur, aren’t you the same?"
"So it’s like this. Uncle Jimongli" nodded at Sasek, and then Serafur began to greet her father again.
"Well, this dress of Seraph Temple is quite strange. I don’t think it’s quite in line with the demon king’s style …"
"Ah, uncle, don’t you know? This is very popular in this country now? "
"Oh, that’s right. That’s what I know."
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, please don’t believe it, father." Looking at the strange conversation that was suddenly set up and his father was bypassed by Seraph, Sasakers said with a wry smile.
"Good elder sister is enough? Even my sister pays a little attention to my image! I will be very troubled to wear this shameful dress and forcibly drag me to the student president of this school on the day of teaching visit! "
There is no objection to my sister’s hobby, but it is impossible to accept that the key is to come to the school of the human world dressed like this and force herself to come together!
"How so pale that sauce! Sister, I’m so sad to be told such a thing by Cang Na Jiang! Sister looks forward to the magic girl Cang that sauce doesn’t know! Because I want to shine my magic wand to kill the angel and degenerate angel department, "Seraph said, holding her hands in a heart-shaped shape in front of her and shining with stars."
"Sister, please respect yourself. If the devil shines a little, a small country will be destroyed in a few minutes."
However, she didn’t care about Cang Na’s warning to Serafur. Just as she was about to continue to coquetry, the sound behind her made her feel slightly shocked.
"That’s nothing … I’ll go first."
"No, I can’t leave without you, Ye Yujiang."
Grasping Ye Yu’s wrist tightly in Serafur’s face is a very dangerous smile for Yuzryha Yu.
"Yeah, yeah, it happens that Sussex sauce is also in the conversation, so let’s get this straight."
Looking at yourself, Sasek Serafur thought for a moment and then decided to pick something.
"Sister … sister don’t!"
Knowing what his sister wants to say is pale, but she can’t help but look nervous. The girl can’t help but regret it. If I had known, I wouldn’t have told her about Ye Yu.
Serafur wanted to say something, and Ye Yu naturally guessed it. Although he didn’t care about his identity exposure, he also felt that this was the fairest choice for Cang Na, but it seemed that Cang Na didn’t recognize it that way.