How can she explain to her mother when she goes back? Is it lost? White aloes couldn’t help thinking.

Together, these two pieces of Yu Pei are dragons and phoenixes, which means that she will give them to her sweetheart in the future. If her mother disappears, who will she like?
But Zhao is so bad, how can she like it?
And Ye Zhao doesn’t like her.
Looking at white aloes thoughtfully, Zhao naturally understood what she was thinking, but Yu Pei naturally came into his hands. How could he return it?
Give it back. How bad would it be if white aloes gave it to another man?
Chapter 346 What’s wrong with my loyalty to Miss?
Yuyizu Yishi hall
At this time, the hall was solemn.
Li Yi clan chief Titan Royal clan chief Niu Hao Min clan chief crane broken clan chief Yang enemy are sitting in the hall.
At this time, Tylenol looked at the front of three people with some anger.
How can they want to recognize the outsider?
Tang Sancai is the direct blood of Heaven Sect of Science, and it should be the common family of the four families. Even if it is powerful, how can it be their master?
"Before I tell you the truth, I have found a young master. His name is Tang San, and he is a genius." Titan frowned and said that he wanted to see what they thought of Tang San.
"Hao Tian dou Luo?" Listen to this name, the crane didn’t say anything, but Yang Enemy and Niu Hao looked gloomy quickly, and they looked angry at Titan.
"Old orangutan, what do you mean? Isn’t it enough that Hao Tianzong has harmed us? If it weren’t for Tang Hao, our four big families would be reduced to this? " Niu Hao turned to look at Titan.
"Hum, don’t say it’s just a Tang San. Even if Tang Hao comes in person, he won’t buy his account." Yang Enemy said coldly that if he has a body, he will release a trace of murder. He hates Tang Hao’s guts. They have broken the clan for years. All this is Tang Hao’s harm.
Tang Hao and Tang Xiao offended the Wu Soul Hall, so they became little puss-head. Tang Hao didn’t know where to hide, and Tang Xiao couldn’t get out directly.
However, their four families did nothing but suffered a lot. If they hadn’t fled to Xingluo Empire and got some military support, they would have been exterminated.
If Heaven Sect of Science doesn’t abandon them, what if they die in battle? However, Heaven Sect of Science just abandoned them without any hesitation …
Therefore, he doesn’t hate Wu Soul Hall at all now. There is nothing wrong with Wu Soul Hall attacking his enemies. He hates Hao Tianzong now.
"Old rhinoceros Yang enemy what do you mean? Have you forgotten the kindness of Hao Tianzong to us? " Titan stood up and frowned lightly, saying that even if Tianzong of Science became like this, he still had some obsession with Tianzong of Science because the old patriarch was kind to him and he wanted to repay him.
"kindness?" Yang enemy Niu Hao both leng leng looked at Titan.
"You know how well the old patriarch treats you," Titan could not help but say.
"What? Is the old patriarch still there? "
"The old patriarch was killed by two people, Tang Hao and Tang Xiao. They killed people like their father. What’s the science of Tianzong?" Yang enemy anger said he couldn’t help heart anger.
They are a broken family. Today, all of them were given by the old patriarch, but now, he is pissed off by two black sheep.
In his mind, Tang Hao and Tang Xiao are the real murderers who killed the old patriarch. They are so angry with their father and they still don’t repent.
"What are you talking about? Roaring heaven and heaven fighting science how can be such a person? "Titan said that although he also knew what Niu Hao and Yang were talking about, he couldn’t think so. Although the old patriarch was angry, it was an accidental death.
"Not like that? Ha ha ha this is the funniest joke I have ever heard in my life. "
"After the death of the old gorilla old patriarch Tang Hao went back to have a look? I’m afraid he’s been thinking about his beautiful mother. Is it the so-called heaven and earth to fight for a woman who grieves her father? "
"There will be a roaring fight against heaven, which is afraid of the Wu Soul Hall to this extent. Heaven Sect of Science is the first case in the day. He abandoned our department with his broken arm and then closed it. Hahahaha, in those days, the Blue Overlord Sect also offended the Hall of the Soul because of a waste, but what about it? Heaven Sect of Science has a strong strength, but Blue Bawang Sect has chosen Qu for many times. "
Yang Enemy smiled magnificently. Although Tang Hao and Tang Xiao were one hundred times stronger than him, he looked down on them. He even looked down on Tang Haoer. What is it?
"Don’t say any more." Titan slapped the table angrily with a gloomy face. He was a little angry, unwilling and disappointed. He wasn’t disappointed in those two. However, Heaven Sect of Science has these two younger brothers, and he has to accept that he once promised the old patriarch that whatever happened to Heaven Sect of Science would protect his blood.
"Why? They did not allow me to say "Yang enemy up contra level breath catharsis.
"You are the one who should wake up, old orangutan." Niu Hao was also annoyed when he looked at his former friend so stubborn.
"Okay, okay, you stop arguing and sit down for me." The crane saw that both sides were about to fight. Get up and be peacemakers. Their four families have complementary advantages to get to today. Four benefits are four points, and four injuries are four. He doesn’t want the four families to hurt the gas.
"Old rhinoceros, please tell us about the Lord. This is the business." The crane said that he is most curious now about the mysterious Lord behind Niu Hao. How high is Niu Hao’s heart? He knows that he will never be an ordinary person if he can make him willingly acknowledge the Lord.
"Old white bird or you talk comfortably, not like an old orangutan, but also one-track-minded." Niu Hao smiled
"That’s why I called you here this time. I hope you can also work for me, so that our four families can continue to work together again," Niu Hao said frankly.
"This ….." Yang enemy looked at Niu Hao and said nothing. There were some thoughtful gens in his eyes, which was similar to their broken gens. What was the meaning of Niu Hao’s recognition of Zhao Zhu at this time?
"This is some information of my master. You should read it before making a decision." Niu Hao said that a light flashed in his hand, and the hand of Titan Yang’s enemy crane appeared in Zhao’s information at the same time.
These days, since he recognized Zhao Zhu, Niu Hao searched Zhao’s information. The more he knew Zhao, the more frightened he became. Because Zhao’s forces simply exceeded his imagination, Zhao was exposed, and these forces were not lost to the Wu Soul Hall.
"Zhu Guning’s family has a strong edge and mysterious strength …" Yang enemy several people looked at the data in their hands and couldn’t help but start shaking. They were all white. What does this mean? So many powerful forces actually have a strong alliance with Zhao, and Zhao’s strength and talent are so horrible.
"I’m a broken clan willing to work for the Lord." The enemy Yang did not hesitate to speak directly, saying that they are broken clan now in Xingluo Empire. If they are in the same boat with Zhujiajian, if they want to send someone to move their family, they also need to consider a Zhujiajian strength.
And he also got some wind Zhujiajian now seems to be preparing to usurp the throne … In recent months, the army of Xingluo Empire has changed frequently, and most of them have been replaced by Zhujiajian, and Dai Long’s body is suddenly in an emergency … All this is releasing a signal that Xingluo Empire is going to change.
"I’m the Min clan, and I’m willing to work for the Lord." The crane has no objection at all, saying directly that the Wu Soul of the Min clan has no attack power and needs to rely on powerful forces to develop Zhao’s power, and he is willing to accept them voluntarily. He is not stupid and will naturally make the right decision.
"You, you … are you going to betray the old patriarch?" Titan looked at the information in his heart with some horror, but he still couldn’t let go of the patriarch.
"Hum, I’m not sorry for the old patriarch. It’s not Tang Hao and Tang Xiao. What’s wrong with me going to miss Tang Yuehua?" Niu Hao said with a smile on his face.
Miss Tang Yuehua is also an old patriarch. If she goes to Zhao, she will go to her. What did he do wrong?
"Miss?" Titan looked at Niu Hao with an open mouth and felt something was wrong. Miss Tang Yuehua was born without a soul. She founded Yuexuan alone and had long been ignorant. He had visited Miss in Tiandou City, but Miss Tang didn’t see him.
Now Niu Hao is talking about Miss?
What does Miss Zhao He have?
"How old orangutans? Can’t a young lady find her own happiness? Do you really want the young lady to be alone? " Niu Hao said, but there was no blame in the tone, but there was some laughter
"You mean Zhao is Miss’s husband?" Titan got up and said excitedly that Tang Yuehua grew up watching him grow up. Compared with Tang Hao and Tang Xiao, he was even more distressed by Miss Tang Yuehua. Tang Yuehua had no soul in the strong Yunhao Tianzong, and a girl left a letter and left the Sect when she was a teenager.
Although he is distressed, he can’t do anything about her. They are the affiliated family of Haotianzong. What can Genfa do for her?
"Otherwise? Are you and I the kind of people who can recognize their masters by themselves? If so, I would have taken refuge in the Hall of the Soul, "said Niu Hao grumpily.
"It’s great that no young lady can find her own happiness, but I don’t know how the young lady is now."
"Miss is very well now, but she can be re-cultivated with the help of the Lord. Now she has sixteen levels of soul power. Although the repair is not high, it is still a heart for Miss." Niu Hao said
"Miss old orangutan now would you like to do things? The Lord and Miss are unmarried now, but they already have husband and wife. "
"What will happen if these two people, God and Miss, stay in the same room? No, I’ll tell you more. Maybe Miss is pregnant with the main flesh and blood now." Niu Hao walked over and said.
"It’s all because you didn’t make it clear before. If the young lady does things, I will naturally be duty-bound." Titan said that the young lady is also an old patriarch. Whether it’s sex or anything is far beyond what Tang Hao and former Miss Tang Xiao are fighting for, but now the young lady is willing to accept them. He is naturally willing.
"What about Tang Hao?" Niu Hao said coldly.
"After the Tang Dynasty, there is no family with me." Titan said coldly. Before that, he just remembered that the old patriarch entrusted Tang San to be the only descendant of the old patriarch. But now that the young lady has a husband, she doesn’t know how many she can have. How can he care about Tang San? Although Tang San is powerful, he can’t compare with Zhao.
Zhao and Tang Yuehua will be stronger in their offspring.
Moreover, he also wants his family to be in harmony with the four families. Now the four families work together as a young lady, and that is what young ladies do.
This is a happy thing. Why not?
"Haha, it’s all a misunderstanding after a long time."
"Good thing, good thing, old rhino. You finally did a good thing this time."
"After our four families gather together and have the main shelter, we will not be afraid even if we face the Hall of the Soul."