"I just want to-"

Xiao Yan finally spoke "You go out"
JiJianTong "I …"
"I’ll arrange a bedroom for you when you go out."
A fat bird is worth getting angry with!
JiJianTong also want to say something, but see Xiao Yan face abruptly swallowed back into a wisp of black magic gas to disappear.
The next day, Qi Jiantong moved into the new house as he wished, which was very simple and was initially configured next to Aochen’s bedroom.
Qi Jiantong looks at Aochen’s refined theme style bedroom. He is looking at an old bed in his room and looks pale.
Lunch is stir-fried sweet potato leaves, sweet potato corn porridge and perilla stir-fried snail.
Snail is caught in clear water in the river for a period of time, when the sediment spits out, the snail meat is delicious, the perilla smell is strange, the sweet potato leaves are just broken, and the extra fresh corn porridge is thick and sweet, and it is warm and full to drink.
Xiao Yan eats carefully. He eats slowly and leisurely.
It’s not because the food is tasteful, but because the stomach is not delicious, eating too much is easy to get sick.
After a light meal for almost forty minutes, Sanqing and Aochen had already dispersed the table, leaving Xiao Yan, Qi Jiantong and Chuo Chuo to peck at the chubby corn flour.
Looking at the burning eyes, Xiao Yan did not know how to eat. He slowly swallowed a mouthful of porridge and looked up at the opposite person.
Magic repair would have finished eating three bowls of porridge wooden spoon in the bowl. He propped up Ba and Xiao Yan looked at each other and said, "Last night I …"
Xiao Yan looked away, took the bowl and left the table. Jijiantong’s face was as cold as March River.
Xiao Yan’s dissatisfaction was quickly diluted by the guests who appeared in the picking garden one after another.
He started his career seriously to solve his worries? Only by getting rich
The first wave of people who came here were influenced by Wang Xiaomi’s mother, mainly middle-aged and elderly people. They were busy playing beans, pinching tomatoes, choosing cabbage and digging potatoes. Xiao Yan earned a lot of money.
The second wave of guests is beyond Xiao Yan’s expectation.
The pink spaceship landed more than a dozen girls in high heels. When they came out of the field, they went straight to the cucumber rack to pick cucumbers, just like the strong bargainers.
They are friends or teams of Zhao Qu, who planted grass and grabbed cucumbers as masks.
Mask twice a day since Zhao Qu discovered the miraculous effect of cucumber.
By Monday, the audition time was radiant, the skin was delicate and shiny, the acne was eliminated, the mouth was cleared, there were no dark circles, and even the tears were miraculously faded.
Director Luo’s drama requires Su Yan to audition in a unified way. Everyone in the queue from the hall to the corridor is sweating and flustered.
When Zhao Qu walked into the audition, he was spirited and in excellent mental state.
"Summer Disappeared" is a suspense drama. The heroine is calm and determined. The age setting is that Zhao Qu, who just graduated from college, does not match the actual age.
However, the interviewer decided to leave Zhao Qu on the spot precisely because Zhao Qu is older and can perform the hostess calmly, and it is not against the will to watch young people play college students.
On the day when the interview was successful, she quickly shared her "peerless love" with her sisters.
After getting leisure, I insisted on coming to the picking garden again to thank you in person.
"Boss!" A good-looking woman rushed to hold Xiao Yan’s hand and "thank you"
Xiao Yan "Er …"
"Goodbye, boss. I have to grab cucumbers!" After that, the girl jumped into the cucumber field again
Xiao Yan?
At the same time, the capital Lanjing Lanxing Academy of Fine Arts
The lecture in the lecture hall was so passionate that Lin Xiuyuan in the back row was distracted and stared at the bamboo tube on the table.
Ding Rinrin-
"Why do you stay in the canteen for dinner after class?"
"ah? Oh, "Lin Xiuyuan came to his senses in hindsight, slowly packed his bags and carefully put the bamboo tube in a separate compartment.
Li Wen leaned over and smiled. "Did you go to the Buddhist temple during the summer vacation?"
"No, why do you ask?"
"I see you have hired an amulet," Li Wen made a signal with the lips to the bamboo tube. "You have to put it at the bedside with you every day. Isn’t it just a bamboo tube so precious?"
Li Wen stretched out his hand to take Lin Xiuyuan’s bamboo tube and was fended off.
"Really be a baby?" Li Wenxian is unhappy.
Lin Xiuyuan didn’t want to ignore his backpack "go to dinner"
Blue Star Academy of Fine Arts is the best academy in the world, with a small number of students enrolled each year. The school covers a large area, and even the canteen is not crowded.
Lin Xiuyuan took a plate of cabbage and a plate of fried potato chips and silently grilled rice.
Li Wenba Baba "I didn’t see you eat fried cabbage every day."
"Do you have something on your mind?"
"It’s not lack of money can’t afford to eat meat dishes, is it?"
"I see you are in love!"
Lin Xiuyuan suddenly looked up "nonsense"
Li Wen smiled maliciously. "You must have become angry from embarrassment by reacting so much. Tell me about it quickly."
Lin Xiuyuan put chopsticks naively and said, "I went to the holiday villa in the summer vacation to eat delicious fried cabbage, and that’s all I’ve been wanting recently."
"Ah," Li Wen snorted contemptuously.