Ye Yuanyuan’s eyes swept away. He just pointed to the direction, and his face showed a shy expression. The sound was crisp, which made people itch all over. "How can you sit on your thigh with soup in your hand?"

War statue corners of the mouth smile more big.
"How can I sit in the emperor’s leg now?" Zhan Zun stared at Ye Yuanyuan with a smiling face.
Ye Yuanyuan glanced at the bowl he took to the table. The soup bowl was covered by a wisp of hair, and a cold meaning flashed in his eyes.
"Ah report" Ye Yuanyuan didn’t react when she felt her whole body was picked up by this man in front of her.
Listening to this crisp sound makes your breathing bigger.
Looking at such a beautiful woman in front of me, I realized that it was such a beautiful woman to marry this side princess.
"You said that if you were so amorous feelings like this before, how could the Emperor treat you so coldly?" Zhan Zun stretched out his hand and touched his eyes and stared at his woman with a full face of love.
"Does the sovereign like me now or before?" Ye Yuanyuan held out his hand and gently touched his resolute and handsome face.
Zhan Zunma replied without hesitation, "I like you as you are now, of course." Be impatient to answer this sentence. Zhan Zun got up and held the woman in his arms and was planning to go in.
"Report wait a minute" Ye Yuanyuan looked at him and carried himself to the direction. Qiao face showed anxious Jiao Jiao sound and hurried out.
After a few steps, Zhan Zun looked down at the woman in his arms with a little impatient expression and asked, "Why is it not convenient again?"
Ye Yuanyuan suddenly chuckled, and now she smiles in the eyes of Zhan Zun, which is simply a variety of amorous feelings.
It made him feel like something hot was flowing all over him.
Ye Yuanyuan looked at the corners of her mouth that had been persuaded to look good, and said softly, "It’s not convenient for Yuanyuan to stop the report, but it took Yuanyuan a long time to stew it."
War statue after hearing this sentence, although her face was impatient, she went back to the table and picked up the bowl of soup, and drank all the soup in the bowl.
"How are you satisfied with this result now?" War statue stretched out his hand and gently scraped the arms of a woman looking at her with a smile and asked.
Ye Yuanyuan looked at the sexy lip angle at the bottom of the bowl and gently replied, "Of course I am satisfied with Yuanyuan."
After answering this sentence, Yuan-yuan Ye also looked back at the bowl that Zhan Zun had just drunk.
When she was carried into the room, a cold smile crossed her beautiful mouth
After a few days of thinking about Uzzi and worrying for a few days, I finally found Hao Ren again.
I watched secretly calling myself over, and when Wu Xi Hao Ren came in, there was a triumphant smile all the time.
"Come on, don’t laugh. You’re so proud. You won, okay?" Uzzi looked at his face and smiled. I really wanted to pry it off.
Hao Ren smiled for a while and then found a place to sit and look up at Wu Xi "? You secretly called me here to tell me your answer. "
Wu Xi’s eyes glanced at Hao Ren with bitterness. "Yes, I am so happy to see you smile. You have guessed my answer in your heart."
Hao Ren shrugged his head. "I don’t know if I’m not a worm in your stomach. How can I guess what you think the answer is?"
Listening to his answer, Uzzi gnashed her teeth and stared at this Hao Ren in front of her eyes.
He was sure that this guy Hao Ren must have done it on purpose. This guy must have guessed it.
Chapter 13 back to do!
"I support the Seven Emperors as much as you do." Uzzi answered this sentence with a synchronous expression of strength.
Hao Ren’s face smiled. "Good, then we are happy."
Looking at a relaxed expression, Hao Ren Wu Xi became anxious again. "Hao Ren, can you be serious? Do you know how difficult it is for me to make this decision? I am taking my family’s life to do this thing with you without a future?"
Hao Ren shrugged his shoulders again. "I also took my family’s life to gamble. Don’t worry, I tell you that your decision this time is the most correct decision you made in Uzzi’s life."
Wu Xi stared at him with an incredulous expression. "I hope so. Now I hope that my people’s lives will not be in danger because of my decision today."
Hao Ren took a sip of tea and looked uneasy. Wu Xi smiled and changed a topic for him. "I heard my mother say that Dong Er seems to be called that Anglo-American mother. How about Dong Er having your father?"
Uzzi shook his head gently. "Without that little guy’s tight-lipped, it’s hard to talk about what I’m trying to seduce. That little guy just won’t call me dad."
Hao Ren pretended to drink a mouthful of tea when I heard this, but actually he was secretly pleased to death in his heart.
Tung RH deserves to be taught by Hao Ren.
"Try harder. I’m sure Tung Er will call you dad one day with your efforts." Hao Ren said with a sincere look for him.
Just then, a man suddenly walked in where they were talking.
"Hao’s adult and Mrs. Hao have something urgent. Please hurry back to Hao’s adult." People spoke respectfully to Hao Ren.
Hao Ren, who was sitting leisurely drinking tea, got up nervously from his chair when he heard this sentence.
Then his figure drifted out from here like a gust of wind.
Uzzi looked at his friend and worried about leaving the figure in a hurry.
"Do you know what happened to Mrs. Hao?" Uzzi looked at the person who just came in and asked
People bowed their heads and answered, "I don’t know anything when I return to the king."
Uzzi’s face showed a little loss after hearing this man’s answer.
After staying here for a while, Uzzi hurried out.
the other side
Like a gust of wind, Hao Ren quickly ran back to the palace where he lived with Zhang Ting.
"Small court" came in and Hao Ren shouted at it.
Sitting inside, Zhang Ting heard the sound coming from outside and quickly got up and greeted Hao Ren here.
"You can finally come back and show it to you." Zhang Tingbian said, stuffing a letter into Hao Ren’s hand.
Seeing the handwritten letter, Hao Renxian took one look at his wife’s eyes and saw that she had nothing to do before he typed this letter.
After a while, Hao Ren read all the letters.
"Do you think this matter is true or false?" After he finished watching, Zhang Ting asked with a worried face holding Hao Ren’s hand.
Hao Ren bowed his head and glanced at his handwritten letter for another year. It took a long time before he said, "This letter should be true. It can’t be false."
After hearing this sentence, Zhang Ting gently nodded his head. Indeed, Lord Hong has always been safe in doing things, and it is impossible for such false news to come over.
"Then should we tell them about it now?" Zhang Ting looked at Hao Ren and asked Hao Ren to hold hands. After half a ring of meditation, he "told them."
"What are you going to tell them what’s going on here?" Wu xiyin floated in.
It turned out that this guy saw Hao Ren running out in such a hurry, and his heart was not at ease and he followed.
Hao Ren saw Uzzi coming in and handed this letter to Uzzi without saying a word.
Uzzi looked down at his hand and finally reached out and took it.
"That’s the way it is," Hao Ren explained after waiting for him to see it.
Soon Wu Xi opened the letter and looked at Hao Ren. "What are you going to do?"
"Of course, let Zhan Xi and Zhan Zhi go back to Beijing." Hao Ren preached slowly.
"Are you sure to protect the two of them? This time, when the emperor is ill, the emperors must be stirring in their hearts. Their two brothers seem to be in danger now when they return to Beijing." Uzzi stared at Hao Ren with a serious expression.
"There is danger. Even if the two of them don’t return to Beijing, will you let them go?"
Uzzi let Hao Ren ask this sentence and couldn’t answer it.