In addition to the enemy in the mushroom rock

He also "saw" the blazing flames hidden on the roof of the building not far from the port.
"I’m watching the scenery on the bridge, and people are watching me in the building … Jker, this guy is really carefree." Elus muttered two things without paying too much attention to sneaking around and watching the lively hag. His attention was focused on the deep, thick, dirty and malicious in the mushroom rock zone.
Chapter 7 Ancient Species
"What is that?"
On the highest piece of mushroom rock, Umit frowned. Franco could notice that Elus broke out and he wouldn’t miss it by mistake. Moreover, the’ welcome ceremony’ he arranged at the port was a kind of temptation.
It’s worth it to find out a little bit about Alves, even if it’s at the expense of all the people who arrange it
Eluz’s ability is partly exposed.
But this exposure means that he is not very white. What the hell is this? It looks like hegemony, but it is not hegemony. He doesn’t have hegemony himself, but he has dealt with many powerful men who have hegemony and is familiar with this thing.
"The ability? Superman or … "
Umit frowned.
In this limited information, he can make such a vague guess that he is the fruit of Superman demon and has similar ability to the fruit of Big Mom’s soul. He has witnessed the scene that Big Mom deprived the rebels of their souls.
Intuition tells him that there are great similarities between the two.
However, it was this intuition that increased the pressure on Umit’s heart.
BIG·MOM is horrible, and he knows it very well.
The more aware of this horror, the more careful he becomes, lest a careless accident capsize in the gutter and fall into the dark world from now on, another negative example that I don’t know how long it will last.
"shout! Lord Umit feels a little scary! "
Marcus, a bald man in a baseball cap, squatted at Umit’s feet. He looked at the direction of the port and sighed with distress. Marcus, the No.1 strong hand in Umit, also held the knowledge, color and domineering, and his accomplishments were not low.
In addition to perceiving the mysterious terrorist force of Eluz, he also noticed the strong presence of Eluz’s attendants.
Such a powerful force
But it’s not easy to deal with
"It is a deadly battle! ….. alas! I don’t know if there is any chance to play cards later! " He sighed as if he missed the good old days when people could play cards happily.
"Marcus, shut up if you can’t talk, and I’ll give you half a month’s holiday to play cards when these troubles are solved."
Marcus’s frustration before the war almost fainted Umit.
"Only half a month? Can’t it be longer? "
"You shut up."
Umit’s meaningless to talk nonsense about trying to bargain with the bargaining department now. If this war can come alive, how to play it is a trivial matter, but if it is not careful, it will be necessary to dig its own grave.
Speaking, Umit listened to the heavy footsteps from far and near and interrupted the teaching department. Instead, he took Marcus to the edge of the mushroom rock, where he could clearly see the sparse crowd moving at an amazing speed.
"Is to prepare quality to win? Really confident! "
Umit stare at that approaching crowd of six.
Elusi Dick Dylan Caspar Eschbach farrug, a follower.
Fran stayed on the ship and didn’t take part in this operation.
Compared with Umit, there are more than 6,000 people on this side, and the number has directly increased by 1000 times.
"ah! Is this guy farrug "Marcus suddenly called out" I also he died! I cann’t believe he’s still alive … Wait, did this guy defect? What a spineless man! Damn it! "
"It’s just a little reptile. Don’t worry about it."
Umit didn’t care about farrug. It’s not an important role to die or to defect. Even if it’s selling information, I’m sorry. farrug, a guy who used to be a dark man, doesn’t know the information of Umit shipping group.
"Are you sure you can take that big guy compared to this Marcus?"
Umit pointed to Eschbach, the culprit behind Elus, who caused the ground to tremble slightly.
"My Lord Umit, don’t blame me for not raising morale. I can’t be completely sure of this. I just try my best, and I can guarantee that I won’t let him interfere with your fight until you win."
Marcus didn’t say die.
He saw and heard, and he felt strong danger from Eschbach.
This is a strong enemy. If he is not careful, he will be defeated and die. It is the best promise he can make to hold off the other side. Any more is a lie.
"Then do your best, Marcus."
Umit gave a response, and then focused on the approach. After the six people entered the shelling range, they had already waited for a long time with the worm. Umit gave the order to fire, and the roar of gunfire almost drowned out all the sounds around them.
The sea breeze, the waves, the seagulls’ cries, all of which were hidden by the roaring gunfire.
Hundreds of cannons did their best to spew out destructive shells, which seemed like they were free of money. The fact that Umit had indeed made a lot of money this time, this 6,000-strong army carried excessive arms and materials.