RuXiaoNan stopped crying at this moment, and she stared at her fingertips in surprise.

There is a light gathering around her finger tips.
RuXiaoNan couldn’t believe his eyes.
This light group is a symbol of her dream to achieve the successful attachment of the spirit beast.
"Stupid dog?" She called tentatively.
The light suddenly soared several times in size, and Guanghua disappeared into a black dog. Lickitung’s enthusiasm was full of saliva and he licked Ru Xiaonan’s face …
This is her spirit beast?
RuXiaoNan face tears are stupid dog lick away instead, is full of stupid dog saliva.
Everyone around was stunned by this scene, and no one knew what had just happened.
Moreover, the most disturbing thing for everyone is that the doll thousand wounds are motionless and just killing crazily, which makes everyone more comfortable than when he is quiet.
Xuanyu nervously looked at the blue ink yan seems to want his instructions.
Whether to keep calling or what? It’s not a matter of doing this.
Chapter 14 The emperor is looking for me, isn’t it?
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Thousands of dolls are still, and no one dares to tempt them in the past.
RuXiaoNan a whisking stupid dog clever squatting in front of her.
"Let me do it," she said to the blue ink yan.
Green ink Yan frowned. "If you hurt a stupid dog, you will cry again."
"Not this time," RuXiaoNan proudly said. "The stupid dog’s life belongs to me now. If I am alive, it will not die."
For Yin and Yang teachers, stupid dogs are not real now, but these ru Xiaonan can’t explain it clearly to Qing Mo Yan.
Hearing this, Qing Mo Yan felt uncomfortable in his heart for no reason.
Such a stupid dog deserves his little thing to live and die together?
Stupid dog aware of poor green ink yan eyes consciousness shivered.
Ru Xiaodong’s confidence was bursting at this time. She waved her hand and drank "Go!"
Stupid dog immediately turned around and pounced on the doll thousand wounds.
Xuanyu and others stared at the stupid dog nervously, and saw it jump straight at the thousand wounds and raise its tail high …
"woof!" The only thing in the tower is the loud barking of stupid dogs.
Xuan Yu and others secretly worried about the stupid dog, but after a while, I don’t know who muttered a sentence "… no, it doesn’t look like it’s going to bite."
RuXiaoNan also froze the stupid dog’s tail wagging … That theory is like getting along with each other.
"I know!" Xuanyu said excitedly, "This is a tactic."
"It turns out that such a clever dog confuses the enemy first and then takes the opportunity to attack!" There’s always a feeling of being rude to the masses
RuXiaoNan a face of despair couldn’t wait to hide in blue ink yan’s arms.
"Stupid dog is really a stupid dog." Qing Mo Yan sighed faintly. "Xuanyu, take a few good skills with you."
Ru Xiaonan’s face turned red. I didn’t expect to drive her to sign the beast for the first time and fail.
Just as Xuanyu was preparing to bring her predecessor, I suddenly gave a crunchy body, and then she collapsed to the ground like a broken clockwork doll.
Everyone held their breath and no one dared to go forward.
Finally, the stupid dog walked over and sniffed, then turned to RuXiaoNan and shouted.
"It says it’s okay," RuXiaoNan explained.
Xuanyu this just take people to lean over carefully.
The doll is motionless and looks harmless, but fortunately, it is clear in everyone’s heart that this is definitely not an ordinary toy but a hell starter.
General Xue, the governor of Nine Doors, soon came in with all the people to meet the horror of the tower. Two adjutants sent by General Xue were lucky, and twenty officers and men also lived. Even more than a dozen people died in Xuanyu’s side. Everyone was injured, some of them were seriously injured and needed horse treatment, otherwise they would be worried about their lives.
General Qing Mo Yan Xue hastily confessed something and then returned to the carriage with Ru Xiaonan first.