Coincidentally, after Zhu Jinglun decided to repair the fort, he secretly consulted these hong merchants, mainly to find the Wu family. Zhu Jinglun knew that the Wu family had a lot of energy in the United States through the flag company, but Pan Shicheng, a colleague, got the news.

He also learned that Swedes are good at making guns and have always been good at gaining jobs, and they have not yet passed the crisis brought about by the conviction of Senior Citizen. Pan Shicheng urgently needs to find a new backer. He naturally does not like a small official like Zhu Jinglun, but he knows that Zhu Jinglun is behind him and has been promoted to Governor Bai Gui of Guangdong and Guangxi.
He took the initiative to find Zhu Jinglun to recommend Swedes to Zhu Jinglun out of the mentality of buttering up Baigui.
As a result, Zhu Jinglun was very interested in Sweden. After a secret conversation with Adolf and others, it was determined that the Swedes were responsible for helping to build forts and cannons.
After that, it is natural that the so-called guarantee is nothing to Pan Shicheng. He has been ups and downs in the shopping mall for many years, and he has a good eye for people. At a glance, he can see that the young man named Adolf is ambitious with his dreams. He knows that such a person will not be willing to make a small fortune, and he will be happy to guarantee Adolf. Besides, even if Adolf takes those goods forever, it will only be 302,000 silver, which is not in Pan Shicheng’s eyes.
Pan Shicheng didn’t know how much Zhu Jinglun had high hopes for these Swedes. It can be said that these people are Zhu Jinglun’s most assured objects at present-although they are not very assured, there is really no other choice.
Zhu Jinglun paid 302,000 yuan worth of goods to Adolf and signed a secret agreement with Adolf. He needed these people to do things, besides helping him order the corresponding main guns in Sweden, and most importantly, he asked Adolf to help him recruit a large number of skilled workers from Sweden.
Zhu Jinglun hopes to build a factory by hiring these skilled workers, an arsenal capable of casting cannons and producing the mainstream line-bore rifles in Europe at present. He also plans to personally cast a large number of auxiliary guns in addition to the main guns that need relatively high technology.
He even sent people to buy more than ten tons of Foshan soil to produce pig iron in Foshan, the iron and steel center of Guangdong Province, and asked Adolf to take it back to Sweden to find the best local factory in Sweden to help him test a method of casting excellent cannons from China soil pig iron, which certainly included improving the raw iron technology.
Zhu Jinglun hoped that when Adolf returned to China in 1998, he would bring not only high-quality steel casting main guns refined from Swedish high-quality iron ore, but also a whole set of techniques for pig iron casting excellent guns that made China rich in impurities. Adolf said that although the overall level of Swiss technology and industrial strength is not as good as that of Britain, it is not worse than that of European countries in steel processing technology.
Zhu Jinglun doesn’t know the Swedish technical level, but he is full of confidence in Swedish talents when he thinks that Nobel is the talent trained by Swedish education system in this era.
Zhu Jinglun didn’t know that Nobel Jr. was in his twenties at this time, and he had already started his career and made him a famous nitroglycerin researcher.
Zhu Jinglun didn’t even know that Nobel Jr. was 26 years old at this time. His father had just gone bankrupt in a Russian factory, and his family had just left a career failure. It was the most difficult time for the family to return to Stockholm, Sweden.
At the end of February, 159, Adolf Hope returned to Gothenburg. Indeed, Adolf Campbell did not intend to make a deal with a hammer as Pan Shicheng thought. It was just the idea that this time, after going through all the difficulties and success, he saw the opportunity to restore the glory of his ancestors. After auctioning a shipment of China goods, he earned 62 thousand silver profits and paid off the huge debts owed by his family. He did not intend to stop and set off again to make a fortune in China.
Of course, he must give Zhu Jinglun to him to finish it before, otherwise he knows very well that the China man threatened to make him unable to move in China, and his words will come true soon.
As soon as he returned to Sweden, he took action with unprecedented energy and did not hesitate to mobilize his family’s influence. He persuaded the Swedish official to let the Swedish National Arsenal help China secretly produce fortress guns and at the same time help test the process of making China steel cast excellent cannons.
Let the Swedish king secretly send consultants to help China train the army, so as to open the door to China again, and Swedish businessmen can open a channel that can bring huge benefits
Adolf also visited many Swedish factories to help recruit excellent skilled workers, and promised generous treatment. Zhu Jinglun will recruit talents in the future arsenal.
Adolf’s action was told by a friend in a machinery factory to the old Nobel, an ambitious, adventurous, intelligent technician from a family who was tempted.
He decided to take his family to China to start an adventure again, just as he did in Russia for more than 20 years.
Section one hundred and twenty-one American ambitions
Zhu Jinglun Day, which is far away in China, is not easy. Even the New Year just passed did not stop because several Americans died.
This is the second time that an American businessman asked Zhu Jinglun to visit the Chinese tea area. If Zhu Jinglun hadn’t died suddenly, he couldn’t even remember his name. His name was Thomas. A businessman under 30 years old with the dream of making a fortune in the East left his young life in this ancient land forever.
Thomas wants to die himself. He has also attracted a large group of people. He has fooled many American businessmen with the same dream in Macau. They hope to open up new channels for tea trade. Now that trade is monopolized by Dayang Bank, there is no way for these scattered businessmen to eat some leftovers outside Dayang Bank. This is the only way to satisfy the appetite of these young but energetic young adventurers.
So they hit it off, and all of them met to explore the Chinese tea area, hoping to establish a solid trade directly with the tea garden, but they seemed to choose Heshan county, which was the place where the local people started fighting.
Heshan is a big tea-producing county in Guangdong province, with a tea planting area of over 60,000 mu and an annual output of more than 10,000 tons of crude tea, which is 60,000 tons for export, and it is a big tea area close to the coastline.
Heshan has a long history of growing tea in Song Dynasty. The most prosperous Heshan tea originated in a place called Gulaodu. It is said that in Song Dynasty, a man and a woman came from FJ to live in Shiyantou Cave in Lishui, Gulaodu. They brought all kinds of tea to make green tea, which can clear away heat and relieve summer heat and cure all diseases. After the death of FJ men and women, Lishui people created a pair of stone statues on the hill to commemorate it. After that, they said that Shigong and Shipo were the ancestors of Gulaotou tea.
Since the reign of Kangxi in the Song and Qing Dynasties, Gulaodu belonged to the tenth year of Yongzheng in the Qing Dynasty in Xinhui County. In 1732, Gulaodu in Heshan County was included in Heshan. It is said that "there is no ancient tea in Heshan County". Lishui Village, Gulaodu, has the earliest tea planting history and excellent quality, so Lishui tea is very famous.
After the middle of the generation, Heshan tea spread to the outside of Gulaodu. There was a great enthusiasm for growing tea in Lishui Village. After the village, Kuigenshan tea garden was built. At that time, Kuigenshan tea garden was renamed Chashan. At that time, the annual output of tea in the tea garden reached 4 mu, with 16 loads and 6 kilograms per load. In the year of Qianlong, Heshan County Records recorded that "Gulao Lishui, Lengshui and Shanbu all planted tea".
However, it was after the arrival of Hakkas that the tea planting in Heshan really reached its peak. As a result, the tea-producing areas in Heshan were greatly expanded. In the Daoguang year, the area of tea gardens recorded in Heshan County Records was greatly expanded, reaching the scale of "10,000 mu of tea garden with an annual output of 60,000 tons of crude tea" and the grand occasion of "there are more than 6 tea markets without tea production in the mountain" appeared.
Thomas and his party set out from Macao and led by a guide against the Xijiang River, but at the pier of Haixikou, not far north of Gulaodu, Haikou, as the locals call it, is also a big tea market.
From here to Gulaodu in the south to Longkou Town to he cheng, it is a mountainous area, a tea area and also a Hakka settlement. From the fourth year of Xianfeng, the fighting between local natives quickly spread to the surrounding counties. The democratic Hakkas took advantage with a strong courage until the year of Xianfeng (15 years). Only the indigenous villages in Enping County from Hengbei, Niujiang, Langdi, Datian to Naji were captured, and even the Hakkas destroyed more than 4 villages and tens of thousands of people fled to the county seat and were killed.
In Heshan, the Hakkas also occupied many villages and fields, and drove them to other places. Thomas and his party were always in the Hakkas’ site, accompanied by Hakkas’ guides, which was relatively safe.
They also successfully visited a number of tea markets, directly established with some local small tea merchants, and visited a number of tea gardens, and also established a joint trip with tea farmers. At the time, they even directly purchased hundreds of kilograms of tea. If it is a trade inspection, then their trip is very successful.
But the immortal can’t save the damn ghost. If Thomas and his party go back the same way, nothing will happen. But on the way, Thomas once heard that Xinhui also produces tea and asked the guide to take them to the tea garden and tea market in Xinhui. Although Xinhui is close to Heshan, because there are not many Hakka people, Thomas promised that the guide would take him there if he thought it was not dangerous.
Who would have thought that because of being driven away from Heshan, a native family was taking refuge in their relatives’ home in Xinhui Tang Town. There were more than 50 men in this family who died in fighting, and there were so many to say that they had to drop blood when they saw Hakkas. I don’t know if this caused Thomas and his party to clash with the locals. There were casualties on both sides, and Thomas and his party escaped.
If they are all dead, it’s okay, because two people escaped, so the American envoy made a scene.
Leon Jay Williams wanted to go to Guangzhou to protest. The first thing he looked for was Zhu Jinglun. Therefore, the former governor of Guangdong and Guangxi, Bai Gui, submitted an official letter to the ministers of various countries, telling them not to go to Guangzhou before changing the contract. Leon Jay Williams relied on Zhu Jinglun and kept clamoring for going to Guangzhou.
This is strange. According to the American tone, they are going to Guangzhou to complain, but they are pestering Zhu Jinglun. They are definitely not afraid of Bai Gui, but they don’t want to go to Guangzhou at all.
What can they do in Guangzhou?
I really met the Governor of Guangdong and Guangxi, and this incident became a diplomatic event. It will definitely be pushed around by China officials and finally pushed to the capital. Obviously, Leon Jay Williams’s purpose is not here.
Soon the Wu family came to Zhu Jinglun to communicate with them. They implicitly expressed that Americans wanted to send people to Heshan to investigate the situation, and hoped that Zhu Jinglun could help them get official permission. They also said that if they were allowed to investigate on their own, they would not make this a diplomatic incident, otherwise they would not only go to Guangzhou but also beijing.
Zhu Jinglun is a white American’s intention. It seems that they shouted loudly that several Americans died. The American envoy must show something, but people are dead. It is the most important thing for this envoy to maximize the interests of the dead. Therefore, he will continue to send people to Heshan to inspect it, which is the largest tea area in Guangdong
Zhu Jinglun is too lazy to dawdle with him. Every time Leon Jay Williams submits a protest, Zhu Jinglun sends it intact to Baigui himself. This year is not good for Baigui, and it must be bad for him.
Bai Gui is really having a hard time. Every time Zhu Jinglun sends an American to protest against Bai Gui’s reply, he must make a thousand exhortations to never let foreigners come to Guangzhou and let Zhu Jinglun discuss with foreigners. If the National People’s Congress dies, he will lose some money and let things go smoothly.
Zhu Jinglun wrote back that he would definitely stabilize foreigners in Xin ‘an and never let foreigners have plans to go to Guangzhou, but after saying that, he left them alone, and then the Americans would protest again, and Zhu Jinglun would hand over the protest to Bai Gui again, and then Bai Gui would have a big sleep.
This is not Zhu Jinglun’s intention to make it difficult to be expensive, but a political means.
With the increasing collection of lijin here in Xin ‘an, the envy of Guangdong officialdom has increased. Before Xin ‘an was close to Hong Kong, everyone thought it was a powder keg for others to come here to be officials, and no one wanted to come. But if this powder keg could receive one million lijin every year, then someone would dare to sit down.
That is to say, Zhu Jinglun fattened the pig. Some people are greedy and want to pick the fruit, and it is not a person but a group of people. In fact, Hengqi set up a bureau in the opposite South China Sea, which is actually the same idea.
At this time, this political force is directly fighting with Bai Gui to protect Zhu Jinglun. They hope that Zhu Jinglun can be transferred, for example, to be promoted and lowered, and an idle official has reported the situation of Xin’ an in front of Bai Gui. They say that Zhu Jinglun has made a mess of Xin’ an and mixed it with foreigners to make Xin’ an a disgusting country. They suggest to Bai Gui that Zhu Jinglun can’t cope with cunning and arrogant foreigners without fame. It is really not suitable for Zhu to be in charge of a county.
These things were told to Zhu Jinglun by Baigui himself. It is obvious that he is protecting Zhu Jinglun and urging him to continue to do things well for him, but this is a threat to Zhu Jinglun. Baigui keeps Zhu Jinglun here because Baigui values Zhu Jinglun, but Zhu Jinglun never believes in this kind of esteem. He doesn’t want to make his situation become such a weak state that Baigui doesn’t want to touch him. He prefers to make the situation develop into an advantageous state that Baigui doesn’t dare to touch him.
Wu Sangui brought Manchu into the country and made great contributions to the Qing Dynasty’s war in the south and the north, and got a reward from the Qing Dynasty to make him stay in YN forever. At that time, Wu Sangui asked Yu Hongchengchou if he could be stable in YN, and Hong Chengchou, the king of YN, told him that if he wanted to stay in YN forever, YN would have to do nothing for a day and find something to make the Qing Dynasty afraid to replace him.
It is doubtful whether it is true or not. Wu Sangui later showed that he didn’t do it because he soon threatened Myanmar to take back the Nanyongli emperor and strangled the cunning rabbit by himself. As a result, Kangxi personally felt that Wu Sangui and others had no intention of withdrawing from the vassal.
Zhu Jinglun’s trick now is not a matter of Hong Chengchou giving Wu Sangui a plan to make Xin’ an impossible, but that Manchu officials are most afraid of provoking foreign affairs now, so that no one dares to hit on him, even Bai Gui dares to transfer him.
Since sending Bai Gui an American protest, Zhu Jinglun sent someone to inquire and found that there were fewer people who spoke ill of Zhu Jinglun in Guangzhou officialdom. Obviously, those who covet Xin ‘an people also balked at this time. Seeing that foreigners are in such trouble, they don’t want to make a new idea for the time being. After all, no one wants to do things that make money and spend money.
However, this kind of means is not as heavy as Wu Sangui’s. Zhu Jinglun did something that he didn’t do in those years, but this is that modern politics is getting dirty and sinister.
However, when Zhu Jinglun is playing political tricks with Bai Gui, the Americans will never be idle. Their purpose is to expand the tea trade, and they will never give up. If there is no chance, they will end up in beijing and blackmail the Qing court for a compensation. However, if there is an opportunity, I am afraid that the Americans will not hesitate to send their warships to scare the Qing court behind the British and French Coalition forces to get more benefits.
Zhu Jinglun has no doubt that the black ship incident can scare RB and the United States can’t send another black ship fleet.
Of course, in the real war, Americans will not fight Britain and France, two superpowers. It doesn’t matter if they fight for a few years. They won’t get involved in this muddy water. If they are bluffing, they will send several warships to the Pearl River Estuary for a turn. In the end, it is almost certain that they will do something.
However, Zhu Jinglun is not worried, because that is exactly what he wants to see as the last resort to scare Baigui. Then Baigui will not only have to rely more on Zhu Jinglun, but also realize his more intentions.
Section 122 Xin ‘an Exchange
Hurd has been busy with one thing all March, that is, the Xin ‘an Commercial Exchange.